Fourth NC Prison Worker Dies in Deadliest Attack

Inmates were working in the prison’s sewing plant when they tried to carry out the escape plan last month. The inmates beat employees with hammers and stabbed them with scissors, according to prison workers who called 911. Some current and former prison officers questioned whether the inmates with violent histories should have been put to work in a sewing plant, where they would have access to potentially lethal tools.

Guice Leaving as NC Prisons Chief After Deaths

David Guice will retire on November 1. His departure was announced 11 days after two prison employees were killed during a failed escape attempt. “Perhaps the problems start at the top,” says a state representative whose district includes the prison. A corrections officer was beaten at another prison in April, and the Charlotte Observer has reported on drug, sex and gang violence problems in the corrections system.

Former Inmate Defends Low-Paid Work in Prison

Many of those fighting California fires are inmates who are paid $1 an hour. Chandra Bozelko, who was paid 75 cents to $1.75 daily to make and serve casserole, says, “It doesn’t surprise me that prison work assignments are credited with reducing recidivism. Any change for good that happened within me while I was incarcerated grew out of my job.”