Top Officials Call for 50% Cut in Probation, Parole

Twenty leading parole and probation administrators say the nation’s community corrections system has become “too big to succeed.” They endorsed a report by the Columbia Justice Lab released Monday showing that nearly five million Americans are under some form of post-incarceration supervision with proportionally little support for rehabilitation programs.

FL to Vote on Restoring Voting Rights to 1.5M Ex-Felons

After a successful petition campaign, Florida voters will decide this fall whether 1.5 million felons get their voting rights back. Florida is one of just three states that permanently bans ex-felons from voting unless they get clemency. If the amendment becomes law, it could have a huge effect on elections in a state as evenly split politically as Florida.

Trump Backs Helping Prisoners Reenter Society

“We have a great interest in helping them turn their lives around, get a second chance, and make our community safe,” President Trump said at a roundtable Thursday. Conservative advocates for reform came away optimistic, but it’s not clear that the White House will support any changes in sentencing laws.