Raising the Minimum Wage Can Reduce Recidivism: Study

Every one-dollar increase in minimum wage decreases recidivism rates by four percent, according to a study of six million state prisoners between 2000 and 2014. The working paper is written by two economists who say their findings support arguments that higher wages in unskilled jobs make former prisoners less likely to look for illegal sources of income.

TX Court Rules Against EEOC on Criminal Background Checks

The federal government can’t enforce in Texas a rule limiting the use of criminal background checks in hiring, a federal judge ruled. As part of a years-long quest to roll back Obama-era regulations, Texas filed suit in 2013 against the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over a policy aimed at making it easier for convicted criminals to find work.


Top Officials Call for 50% Cut in Probation, Parole

Twenty leading parole and probation administrators say the nation’s community corrections system has become “too big to succeed.” They endorsed a report by the Columbia Justice Lab released Monday showing that nearly five million Americans are under some form of post-incarceration supervision with proportionally little support for rehabilitation programs.

FL to Vote on Restoring Voting Rights to 1.5M Ex-Felons

After a successful petition campaign, Florida voters will decide this fall whether 1.5 million felons get their voting rights back. Florida is one of just three states that permanently bans ex-felons from voting unless they get clemency. If the amendment becomes law, it could have a huge effect on elections in a state as evenly split politically as Florida.