Floyd Killing Exploited as Cyber Propaganda Weapon Overseas

China, Russia and Iran have seized on the George Floyd killing to promote stories hostile to the United States in their state-owned media, but their efforts stopped short of the type of covert online influence operation attributed to Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a recent analysis.


Sanders’ Pledge to Legalize Marijuana on Federal Level Gets Skeptical Reaction

Many advocates raised doubts about whether a president could unilaterally lift the prohibition of marijuana immediately, after Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders pledged to do so at this week’s South Carolina debate. The Vermont Senator said not only would he legalize marijuana on “Day One” of his presidency, but would provide assistance to African Americans, Latinos and Native Americans in selling it.

Trump Campaign’s Police Bills Go Unpaid

The bill from at least 10 city governments for public safety-related invoices sent to the presidential campaign committee in connection with his political rallies in 2016 comes to at least $841,219, according to an investigation by the Center on Public Integrity. But some question whether campaigns should be responsible for such costs.