Raising the Minimum Wage Can Reduce Recidivism: Study

Every one-dollar increase in minimum wage decreases recidivism rates by four percent, according to a study of six million state prisoners between 2000 and 2014. The working paper is written by two economists who say their findings support arguments that higher wages in unskilled jobs make former prisoners less likely to look for illegal sources of income.

Top Trump Aide Porter to Quit Over Abuse Charges

White House staff secretary Rob Porter said he would resign after his two ex-wives accused him of physical and emotional abuse, with one presenting pictures of her blackened eye. Porter has functioned as Chief of Staff John Kelly’s top enforcer in their shared mission to instill discipline and order in what had become a chaotic West Wing.

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Is Federal Funding for Local Cops Under Threat?

The independent Community Oriented Policing Services office, created in 1994 to assist local law enforcement, may be folded inside a DOJ division as part of a White House efficiency drive. In a letter supported by major police groups, 135 Congress members said the move could threaten communities “struggling” to pay for public safety.

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Domestic Violence Soared Following Puerto Rico Hurricane

Almost six months after Hurricane Maria, residents are still suffering from the breakdown of an already-troubled justice system, aggravated by a police walkout and a rise in domestic violence calls, according to the latest episode of John Jay College’s “Criminal Justice Matters” program. Experts said the island’s problems serve as a warning for other communities where climate change increases the risk and frequency of weather catastrophes.

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Pot Wars: Will Fear Trump Voters’ Decisions?

This week, Congress must decide whether to extend the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer Amendment, which bars the feds from enforcing anti-pot laws in states that have approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes. Extensions have been pro-forma since 2014, but Washington’s new hardline drug policies could be a game-changer.