Legal Profession ‘Critical’ to Addressing Opioid Crisis: ABA

A new report by the American Bar Association’s Senior Lawyers Division makes nine recommendations and suggests 45 “action items” that it says can advance public health efforts to confront the opioid epidemic. One recommendation calls for promoting policies and laws that support families and caregivers struggling with opioid and substance misuse disorders.


‘Unite the Right’ Rally in D.C Dubbed ‘Pathetic Failure’

Vox news reporter German Lopez reports there were plenty of reasons for the low turnout from white nationalists at Sunday’s Unite the Right rally, including alt.right organizers’ fear of retribution. He quotes neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin as warning prospective participants: “Getting doxed as a neo-Nazi street fighter will ruin your life, forever.”

Department of Justice

DOJ Backs Down on Justice Reinvestment

The Justice Department had announced a new direction for the justice reinvestment program that encourages states to cut prison populations. The proposal has been withdrawn after advocates of reinvestment sought support from key members of Congress.


‘Political Influence’ Key to Increase in Private Prison Population: Report

The number of people housed in private prisons increased five times faster than the total prison population between 2000 and 2016, and detainees in private immigration facilities increased by 442 percent in same period, says the Sentencing Project, predicting that as overall prison populations decline, corrections companies will “seek profit in other areas of criminal justice services and immigration detention.”