Trump Faces Criminal Investigation in Georgia

Prosecutors in Fulton County have launched a criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump’s failed attempts to overturn Georgia’s election results. The inquiry makes Georgia the second state after New York where Trump faces a criminal investigation.

Virginia Struggles With Legacy of Racist Laws

The former Confederate state is by no means unique in shouldering the legacy of racial discrimination, but is taking the necessary steps to account for the residual effects of discriminatory practices.


Online Criminal Records Impose ‘Digital Punishment’ on Millions of Americans: Study

Some 147 million court records and 101 million arrest records have been posted on the Internet just in the past 10 years—amounting to a minefield for individuals hoping to reintegrate into civil society, according to a new study. Much of the data will remain online forever unless authorities find a way to balance public access with privacy rights, the authors warned.

Most of Trump’s U.S. Attorneys Set to Resign

Nearly all the remaining federal prosecutors that former President Donald Trump appointed across the country are set to be removed by President Joe Biden. Accommodations have been made to allow a couple of attorneys handling highly sensitive investigations to continue with their work.

LA County Judge Blocks DA Gascon’s Criminal Justice Reforms

In a ruling Monday, LA County Superior Court Judge James Chalfant decided that George Gascon’s attempt to bypass California’s Three Strikes Law and order prosecutors to dismiss strike sentencing enhancements is unlawful. It’s the latest round in a campaign led by critics against the reform-minded prosecutor.