Does FBI Have a Phone-Hacking Lab? ACLU Sues to Find Out

The ACLU is suing the FBI following the discovery of public court documents and records that indicate the FBI Electronic Device Analysis Unit can bypass encrypted cell phone information. If true, the ACLU says this will “severely undermine our digital privacy and security.”


Scammers Impersonating DOJ Staff Target Elderly

The Department of Justice has issued a fraud alert about a phone scam targeting the elderly, with criminals masquerading as DOJ investigators or employees in order to obtain personal information over the telephone.

William Barr

300 Lawyers, Judges Call for Barr’s Resignation

In the latest skirmish of the war between a large section of the U.S. legal community and Attorney General William Barr, some of the country’s top jurists charge the AG’s expansive views of presidential powers, combined with his interventions in support of President Trump’s allies, are helping to nurture an “imperial” presidency.

women in prison

Women in Prisons Suffer Higher Rates of Trauma Than Men: Report

Although the number of women incarcerated in prison far outpaces that of men since the 1980s, policies for their stay are insufficiently adapted from men’s prisons and women suffer “extremely high rates, and much higher rates than men, of histories of physical, sexual, and mental trauma,” said a report from the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

William Barr

1,100 Ex-Fed Prosecutors, Officials Demand Barr Resignation

In a letter released Sunday, the former federal prosecutors and Justice Department officials said Attorney General William Barr’s intervention in the Roger Stone case “flouted” the principal of nonpartisan justice, and called on other career officials to “take appropriate action to uphold their oaths of office.”