Violence Against Women: The ‘Shadow Pandemic’

The already-high global levels of violence against women have increased since the pandemic. Efforts in the U.S. and Britain to address it are a positive sign, but there’s still a long way to go, writes a former UK Detective Superintendent.

New ‘Crime Wave’? Not for Most Americans

Americans might be concerned about figures showing a rise in violent crime across the country. But, polled on crime rates within their own communities, most correctly believe their neighborhoods haven’t become more dangerous, argues David A. Graham in the Atlantic. 


TX Lawyers Call for Disbarment of ‘Unethical’ AG Paxton

Texas Attorney General Warren Kenneth Paxton Jr. filed a Supreme Court lawsuit in December 2020 seeking to overturn the presidential election results in four states. Now, 16 Texas lawyers have filed a complaint calling for his suspension or disbarment from practice over “serious ethical misconduct.” 

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Senate Unanimously Votes to Replenish Crime Victims Fund

The Senate unanimously voted to refill the coffers for the Crime Victims Fund, breathing new life into the dwindling pot that would’ve been empty at the end of the fiscal year 2022. While it was unanimous, the debate wasn’t without quarrel over a proposed GOP amendment.