Utah Weighs College Courses for Incarcerated Youth

Under a bill presented to state lawmakers this month, incarcerated young people can choose a variety of degrees or technical certificates to pursue. Utah State Rep. Lowry Snow, the bill’s author, called education “the antidote to recidivism.”

Dems Make Second Try at Police Reform Bill

After previously being shot down in 2020 by the then-Republican controlled senate, Democratic lawmakers have reintroduced The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,  which bans chokeholds and federal no-knock warrants, among other reform measures.

Illinois Scraps Money Bail

The bill signed Monday by Gov. J.B. Pritzker was sponsored by a caucus of Black Illinois lawmakers who were motivated by the death of George Floyd and others along with the summer protests and marches over policing and racial and social justice.


Women in Law Face ‘Pervasive Sexism’: Report

Being a female lawyer in criminal law means constantly having others tell you to “toughen up,” according to an American Bar Association task force. The task force found that while women have slightly outnumbered men in law school for the past four years, female law graduates make up a much smaller representation of actual attorneys, and an even smaller number of justice leaders.

Joe Biden

Biden Rejects Police ‘Defunding’

In a televised town hall meeting in Milwaukee Tuesday night, President Joe Biden announced that instead of defunding the police, he would put more money into local policing. He also outlined the improvements he hopes to make to criminal justice and policing in the country.