Do The Nation’s Prosecutors Need Help?

As national attention focuses on prosecutors’ role in the justice system, and as more reform DAs win office, they could benefit from up-to-date research to help them make decisions, especially on many lower-level criminal cases that don’t necessarily warrant a prison term, a Washington DC panel was told Thursday.

toilet roll

Billion-Dollar Prison Budget, But Where’s the Toilet Paper?

Women in Arizona’s state prison complex at Perryville claim that chronic shortages of toilet paper force them to use wash rags instead. Authorities deny the allegations, but a state representative blames cost-cutting and a correctional culture that is largely “designed for men.”

wizard of oz

It’s Time to End the Supreme Court’s ‘Wizard of Oz’ Mystique

Brett Kavanaugh began his Supreme Court tenure by announcing the hiring of four female law clerks. But that doesn’t address the elitism which undermines how we pick the people who staff the nation’s highest court. TCR columnist James Doyle offers a different solution.

FBI Director to Cops: Don’t Listen to ‘Armchair Critics’

Speaking at a convention of police chiefs in Orlando, Christopher Wray cited the opiate crisis, mass violence, terrorism and cyber threats as law enforcement priorities. And the leader of an agency that has faced oppressive attacks from Donald Trump pointedly said that law enforcers must “tune out the noise” emanating from critics.