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Violent Police-Civilian Interactions Haven’t Eased Since Chauvin Trial Began

The trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin has put America’s struggle with police misconduct and violent use of force on an international stage, underlining the complex landscape of policing today in our country. Even in the week preceding the Chauvin verdict, TCR found at least seven incidents involving violent police interaction with civilians.


The Invisible Color Line in U.S. Policing

Commentators argue that African Americans in law enforcement can play a primary role in tackling the historic legacy of police racism. But first they have to get in the door. In interviews with The Crime Report, senior Black officers say police recruitment practices are riddled with both overt and implicit bias.


Columbus Police Chief Steps Down

Thomas Quinlan, the police chief of Columbus, Ohio, is stepping down amid multiple controversies, including the recent fatal shootings of two Black men in the city by law enforcement.


Can ‘Defunding’ Solve the U.S. Police Crisis?

A forthcoming paper in the Columbia Law Review argues that calls to disband or defund police agencies should not be dismissed out of hand. The authors argue that reassessing the function of institutions that are failing to live up to their mission “should be routine in a properly functioning democracy.”