Long History of U.S. Racism in Policing Blocks Reforms, Panel Says.

While U.S. housing and education have begun to confront structural bias, the criminal justice system hasn’t, a panel at John Jay College was told Thursday. “You cannot be in this nation and not be aware of the extraordinary toxicity the police and the law do and have always done.” said criminologist David Kennedy.

Nightly Clashes Continue in Portland, Louisville, Chicago

Protesters in Portland, Louisville, and Chicago clashed with police in what have persisted as nightly protests of policing. In Portland, protesters briefly set fire to a police union building. Louisville’s street-clogging caravans in the city’s entertainment district have now been banned, while in Chicago looting and gunfire were reported in the Magnificent Mile shopping district.


An Anti-Racist Vision of Police Accountability

Modeled on restorative justice, an effective process of police accountability should take responsibility for the harm caused by a legacy of racism, writes the executive director of Equal Justice USA. Several U.S. police departments have already put it in practice.

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Americans Want Policing Reform But Reject Abolition: Gallup Poll

Abolishing the police was not a majority opinion held by any group in a Gallup poll released Wednesday, regardless of race, age, or political affiliation. Forty-seven percent of overall respondents said funds should be shifted from police departments to social services.


Pennsylvania ‘Wandering Officer’ Law Welcomed by Police Union

A law targeted at preventing “problem officers” from seeking new jobs elsewhere has won the support of the state branch of the country’s largest association of rank-and-file police. The measure, signed into law by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf last week, responds to growing concerns about so-called “wandering” police officers who find new jobs elsewhere after being fired by their local agencies.