Bill Bratton on Police Reform: ‘Let’s Do It Right This Time’

Few figures have been as transformative in U.S. policing as Bill Bratton. In a wide-ranging conversation with TCR about his new book, the former chief of the Los Angeles and New York police departments offers some hard-won insights from his own career at a time when the very fundamentals of policing are being called into question―and when U.S. cities are facing a post-pandemic rise in violent crime.


Can U.S. Policing Be Saved?

There’s a new and impatient tone to the debate over the future of American policing. The Crime Report interviewed academics, police chiefs and activists  and found some encouraging signs of agreement, but also deep uncertainty about whether current law enforcement structures can meet the challenges of a deeply polarized society.


FBI Fails to Track Police Use-of-Force Incidents

More than half a decade after Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Ferguson were killed by police, the public is still unable to access FBI gathered data on use of force incidents for the majority of US police departments, raising concerns about the ability of the nation’s top law enforcement agency to institute even the barest transparency reforms.