Fatal Police Shootings Linked to Areas with High Gun Ownership

Cops are more likely to think their lives are threatened when they apprehend suspects in jurisdictions with high rates of gun ownership—and to react with deadly force—whether or not the individual is actually armed. That’s one of the findings in an American Academy of Political and Social Science research project aimed at demonstrating that police killings of civilians are a “solvable” problem.


The Plight of the Police Whistleblower

In the 1960s, NYPD detective Frank Serpico, played by Al Pacino in a 1973 film, risked his life to expose police corruption and misconduct. Modern-day Serpicos are still largely unprotected, exacerbating the “culture of silence” in American policing, policing experts and former cops tell The Crime Report.


Police Discipline System ‘Broken,’ says Former Philly Chief

Charles Ramsey, who led police departments in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., found common ground with Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson on the need for police reform in a conversation Wednesday. “Too many cops…are on the job that should not be on the job,” Ramsey said.


How Racial Bias Affects Police Use of Deadly Force

Black suspects are twice as likely to be killed by police than other racial or ethnic groups, “even when there are no other obvious circumstances during the encounter that would make the use of deadly force reasonable,” says a new study published in the Boston University Law Review.

Rehiring ‘Bad Cops’ Adds Another Flashpoint to Police Reform Debate

After a Florida police organization posted on Facebook this month inviting officers in Atlanta, Buffalo and other cities where police have been disciplined or fired, to apply for jobs, a national storm over the impact of rehiring officers disciplined elsewhere blew up—adding to the growing debate over how to ensure police accountability.  


We Are All Complicit in George Floyd’s Death

All of us have collaborated in the social construction of a reality that led to an African-American man’s death under the knee of a white Minneapolis cop. We are as responsible as the three other policemen who watched without speaking up, writes TCR’s legal columnist.


‘Wandering’ Cops Pose Risk to Communities: Study

Cops who are fired for misconduct are likely to repeat the same offense if they get a second law enforcement job, according to a Yale study. The risks to communities posed by these so-called “wandering officers” could be addressed with a reinforced national database of decertified officers, accompanied by stricter state record-keeping, say the study authors.