Police Body Cams Didn’t Cut Milwaukee Use of Force

Milwaukee police officers with body cameras made fewer stops and were less likely receive a citizen complaint, a new study found. When it comes to use of force — the primary reason residents clamored for officers to use the cameras — it didn’t matter if officers had the cameras or not. They used force at roughly the same rates, a study found.

Trump Laments ‘Dangerous Anti-Police Prejudice’

A the 37th annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service, the president vowed to protect law enforcement officers. He cited his efforts to boost border security measures and tighten federal immigration restrictions as ways to curb violence against both U.S. citizens and law enforcement officials.

Feds Continue Probe of Resigned Baltimore Police Chief

Federal prosecutors who filed tax charges against Darryl De Sousa, who resigned Tuesday as Baltimore Police Commissioner, also issued grand jury subpoenas to the city’s finance and police departments seeking a decade’s worth of information about the former commissioner’s pay, travel, second jobs and taxes. The apparently expanded investigation may explain De Sousa’s departure.