The End of Policing? 

The drive to diversify police forces and the renewed interest in community policing are transforming law enforcement across the country. But a provocative new book by a Brooklyn College sociology professor argues that these efforts don’t address the underlying problems. He explains why in a conversation with TCR.

More Police Departments Are Using Drones

Drones are becoming an essential tool for law enforcement agencies, changing how officers carry out everyday tasks and bringing air surveillance to departments with limited budgets. A drone with an infrared camera can be had for less than $20,000, while a police helicopter can cost well over $1 million.

New IACP President to Lead Trust-Building Initiative

LaGrange, Ga., Police Chief Lou Dekmar made an historic apology for his agency’s role in a lynching of a black man. He sees the need to build trust with minority communities is the most urgent challenge facing modern police leaders. The IACP will run an international trust-building initiative supported by a $1 million grant from basketball legend Michael Jordan.