Law Enforcement Officers and Trauma: The Next Public Health Crisis?  

Police and corrections officers suffer higher rates of depression, PTSD, burnout and other anxiety-related mental health conditions than the general population. They should not have to suffer in silence, write three experts in trauma therapy and research.


Why Cops Don’t Talk About Suicide

While there are encouraging signs that the “epidemic” of police suicides has eased, it remains a an issue that is too often swept under the rug, writes one California officer. Unlike COVID-19, “we don’t need to put on masks; we need to remove them,” he adds.

Maryland State Police Accused of Racism by Black Troopers

African-American troopers in the Maryland Department of State Police point to disparities in discipline and promotions, as well as underrepresentation and alleged instances of retaliation. State Senator Joanne Benson recently met with more than 20 Black troopers who presented her with documents detailing their claims.