PERF Calls for Strengthened Ban on Guns

In an “action plan” on gun violence, the nation’s top think tank on policing said guns should be prohibited for individuals who have a history of drug abuse or mental illness, as well as those with criminal convictions. It also called for strengthening the federal Background Check system and the establishment of a robust system of licensing.

Philly Issues New Trespassing Policy After Starbucks Case

Nearly two months after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks while waiting for a friend, the city’s police department announced a policy to determine when to arrest people accused of trespassing on private property. The policy encourages “greater discretion” from officers, who are now encouraged to deescalate disputes between business or property owners and an alleged offender.

Alaska Villages Hire Police With Criminal Records

Local governments across Alaska routinely hire police officers with criminal records, sometimes including felony and domestic violence convictions, the Anchorage Daily News reports. “Unfortunately we are finding more and more of this, that [village police officers] have a criminal background,” said Alaska Police Standards Council director Bob Griffiths. “It’s unconscionable.”


Blue Lies: Cops, Confessions, and the Constitution

Some police manuals suggest lying to suspects during interrogations is a useful law enforcement tool. But it can trap the innocent as well as the guilty, argues a professor at Israel’s College of Law and Business.