Many Moonlighting Cops Don’t Use Body Cameras

Most police agencies that make cameras mandatory for patrol work don’t require or won’t allow body cameras for off-duty officers even if they’re working in uniform. That leaves a gap in policies designed to increase oversight and restore confidence in law enforcement, says the Associated Press.

Too Much Police Work? OH Cop On Job 110 Hours Weekly

Several Cincinnati police officers work 90 hours weekly or more, thanks to off-duty details that have grown this decade. It’s a trend one expert calls “terrifying,” the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. The officer who worked nearly 110 hours a week on average over the last 12 months was paid more than $130,000 in off-duty pay, with earnings nearly $300,000.

MN Police to Get Required Crisis Intervention Training

In what a police chief calls a “game changer for Minnesota law enforcement,” as of July 1, 2018, all officers must get a minimum of 16 hours of training every three years on three areas — responding to a mental health crisis, de-escalation of conflicts and diversity and implicit bias training. The state will give police $6 million every year for the next four years for the training, three times the amount now available.