It’s Time to Halt Post-9/11 Anti-Terror Sting Operations, Say Critics

After 9/11, the FBI’s change from a crime-investigating organization to an intelligence-gathering agency was accompanied by an increased use of sting operations. A new PBS documentary focuses on one operation in Miami that revealed the often-questionable grounds for such operations, and the abuses they fostered.

Organized Crime Sting an ‘Unprecedented Blow’ to Global Criminal Networks

On Wednesday, the FBI announced the global takedown of hundreds of criminals involved in drug trafficking and organized crime, thanks to an encrypted social messaging platform the FBI was secretly peddling to criminals. Authorities around the world say this saved lives, and transforms the way investigators will fight organized crime in the future.


FBI Fails to Track Police Use-of-Force Incidents

More than half a decade after Eric Garner in New York and Michael Brown in Ferguson were killed by police, the public is still unable to access FBI gathered data on use of force incidents for the majority of US police departments, raising concerns about the ability of the nation’s top law enforcement agency to institute even the barest transparency reforms.

Does FBI Have a Phone-Hacking Lab? ACLU Sues to Find Out

The ACLU is suing the FBI following the discovery of public court documents and records that indicate the FBI Electronic Device Analysis Unit can bypass encrypted cell phone information. If true, the ACLU says this will “severely undermine our digital privacy and security.”