FBI Informants Involved in 22,800 Crimes in Decade: Report

The FBI informant program cost taxpayers $548 million over the last decade, unclassified documents show. Individuals who refused to become informants have begun coming forward, detailing harassment from the FBI.


2020 Saw Highest Number of Hate Crimes in 20 Years: FBI

One of the main findings of the latest revised FBI report is that hate crimes against people of Asian descent rose by 76 percent in 2020 — furthering the FBI’s finding that 60 percent of hate crimes were carried out on the basis of an individual’s race. 

It’s Time to Halt Post-9/11 Anti-Terror Sting Operations, Say Critics

After 9/11, the FBI’s change from a crime-investigating organization to an intelligence-gathering agency was accompanied by an increased use of sting operations. A new PBS documentary focuses on one operation in Miami that revealed the often-questionable grounds for such operations, and the abuses they fostered.