Law Enforcement Officer Deaths Dropped Slightly to 89 in 2019

The number of officers killed (48) as a result of felonious criminal acts in 2019 was 8 less than the 56 officers who were killed in 2018, the FBI reports. There was also a decrease in the number of accidental deaths from 50 to 41. Some 16 of the 61 officer fatalities this year were caused by COVID-19.

GOP Faults Wray for ‘Major Screwup’ on Russia Probe

Republican members of Congress criticized FBI Director Christopher Wray for what they called a grossly inadequate response to the Justice Department’s watchdog report on abuses in the process used to put former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page under surveillance as a potential Russian agent.

Prosecutors Investigate Comey Over 2017 Leak

Federal authorities are probing former FBI director James Comey’s possible role in the leak of information about a Russian intelligence document. The material played a key role in Comey’s decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton.