Judge Orders DOJ to Decide on McCabe by Nov. 15

Federal judge Reggie Walton gave the Justice Department six weeks either to charge former FBI No. 2 Andrew McCabe or drop its investigation into whether he lied to investigators about a media disclosure, criticizing prosecutors for leaving the decision “in limbo.”

DOJ Prosecutors Seeking Indictment of McCabe

Justice Department prosecutors were authorized to seek an indictment alleging former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe lied to investigators. He was told one of his last bids to persuade them not to proceed had failed. A grand jury was summoned back after a months-long hiatus to consider the case, but no public charges have been filed.

Comey Won’t be Prosecuted Over Classified Data

The Justice Department won’t prosecute former FBI Director James Comey over his dissemination of memos detailing his encounters with President Donald Trump that contained classified information. Comey  considered the memos personal documents, rather than FBI records.

Women File Sex-Discrimination Suit Against FBI

One-time female FBI recruits accused the bureau of running a “good-old-boy network” at its training academy that discriminates against women, in some cases because of race and disabilities, and sets them up to fail. Women made up only a fifth of the 13,500 agents as of October.