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Police and the ‘Venus Flytrap’ of Tech Monopolies

Just a few private companies license the police surveillance technology now in widespread use around the country, ranging from body cameras to license plate readers. That represents a growing threat to transparency, privacy and accountability, warn two UC Davis law professors.

Are Body-Worn Cameras Effective?

Body-worn cameras are increasingly being used by U.S. law enforcement agencies and often play a central role in high-profile police killings. But wide disparities remain in how they are employed and when the footage is made public.

Why Bodycams Should be Mandatory for (Some) Federal Law Enforcement

There’s persuasive evidence that body-worn cameras can improve encounters between police and the public. It’s time for federal agents to join the thousands of local law enforcement agencies who wear them, especially after the Jan. 6 siege of the Capitol, say two criminologists who have written a book on the technology.