Police Experiment With Cameras on Guns

“It’s kind of cutting-edge technology now,” said Assistant Chief Michael Kovacsev of St. Petersburg, Fl., which tested gun cameras this year. “One thing about the gun camera is you can actually see what’s going on. You actually get to see the viewpoint of the officer where the weapon is pointed.”


Want Friendlier Cops? Hire More Blacks and Latinos, says Study

Does the race or ethnicity of police officers make a difference in how police behave on the streets of the neighborhoods they patrol—and how they see their jobs? A study released Friday suggests it does, and the authors—both from the University of Central Florida—say it supports arguments that law enforcement diversity is crucial to restoring trust and legitimacy in America’s police forces.

Milwaukee’s Flynn Accepts DOJ Calls for Reform

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn first criticized a draft of a federal review of the department as riddled with errors. Despite that, Flynn now says he agrees with most of the draft report’s recommendations. “I am embracing the recommendations … because, like any other police department, we could always improve,” Flynn said.

PA Case Shows How Hard It Is to Fire a Cop

Since 2006, at least 451 of 1,800 officers fired from 37 of the nation’s largest departments have won their jobs back, reports the Washington Post. The newspaper details the case of a Philadelphia officer who is still on the job after he was dismissed for shooting a suspect to death.