Kansas City Sheriff Quits In Sex Scandal

Jackson County, Mo., Sheriff Mike Sharp is resigning amid revelations that he kept up an ongoing romantic, sexual and financial relationship with a female employee of the sheriff’s office while she had a pending lawsuit against Jackson County for harassment. Sharp made the woman the highest-paid civilian employee in his department.

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Who’s at Fault When Police Kill Your Pet?

An estimated 10,000 pet dogs are shot by police officers in the line of duty each year. While officers usually explain the shooting of a pet as ‘self-defense,’ a California law professor argues that there is no requirement of public accountability to test their claims.

Police Suicides May Be Up, But No One Keeps Track

One study found that more officers die by suicide than in the line of duty, but no one is sure. “If you don’t know your problem, if you don’t know what size it is, how are you going deal with it?” asked Ron Clark, a retired Connecticut trooper who heads Badge of Life, which focuses on police suicide prevention.