Too Quick to Shoot?

A suburb of California’s capital is the newest addition to the national debate over officer-involved shootings. According to the Sacramento Bee, the community of Citrus Heights leads the state in the per capita rate of civilians killed by cops, adding to concerns that smaller jurisdictions around the nation cannot or will not pursue greater oversight of their police forces.

How to be a 21st Century Cop

The New York Police Department’s new training program teaches recruits that they don’t always have to make an arrest to enforce public order. In his second article in a series, TCR’s Isidoro Rodriguez follows two recruits as they tackle a grueling—and eye-opening—regimen that mixes military-style discipline with lessons that “de-emphasize confrontation.”

NM Shooting Raises Issues About Police Camera Value

Nearly three years after it happened, the Albuquerque killing of Mary Hawkes by a police officer has become a cautionary tale about the potential of new technology to obscure rather than illuminate, especially in situations when police control what is recorded and shown to the public, the Washington Post reports.

The ‘Deflection’ Surge: Key to Reducing Re-Arrests

Confronted with people clearly in need of treatment and social services, law enforcement officers need a way to respond, because they know they’ll see them again. A new approach gaining traction across the country offers “a public health approach to better public safety.”