Policing the Police: How to Tackle the Crisis of Legitimacy

Every major police agency in the U.S. has an Office of Internal Affairs to identify corrupt or abusive officers. But by the time investigators step in, the damage is often done. Here’s one way to get ahead of the problem, suggested by a TCR columnist.

crime scene

Can Police Cope With the Surge in Violent Crime?

The debate between those demanding a radical overhaul of policing and those calling for a return to stricter, hardline law enforcement threatens to undermine efforts to address the reasons for the spike in violent crime, police chiefs of four major cities told a webinar Tuesday.


Can Your Birth Year Predict Future Arrest Rates?

In an unprecedented longitudinal study conducted by Harvard researchers, the sociologists have uncovered that there’s a “birth lottery of history” — meaning that the social context of when someone comes of age influences criminality and arrest rates.