Experts Find Some Evidence of ‘Ferguson Effect’

More than 100,000 fewer vehicle stops were made in 2015 than in 2014, the year Michael Brown was killed by a Ferguson police officer, a 6 percent reduction. This was a significant contrast to changes in stops between 2013 and 2014, when just a 2,000-stop swing was recorded. In 2015, something was happening in Missouri that could not be attributed to normal fluctuation.

Few States Have Laws Punishing ‘Bad Samaritans’

There is no law in most states that requires someone to act when they see someone else in grave danger. There is no duty to attempt a rescue, or even to call for help. That’s unconscionable for many who watched a Florida man drown, including legislators in Arizona and Florida who are drafting proposals that would make it illegal to sit idly by if you see someone in grave danger.

How Texas Turned the Page on Police Reform

The Sandra Bland Act, which came into effect this month, has been called an “example for the nation” in setting policies for police reform and dealing with troubled individuals. Texas State Rep. Garnet Coleman, the bill’s sponsor, sat down with TCR West Coast Bureau Chief Joe Domanick to discuss why one of the country’s toughest law-and-order states adopted it.