How Probers Caught Cop Stealing Drug Money

Louisville narcotics detective Kyle Willett went to a McDonald’s drive-thru before returning to work. Later, in his Chevrolet Tahoe outside the UPS global shipping hub where he worked to intercept drug shipments, Willett tore the packing tape off a box, pried open a metal safe and stole piles of cash totaling about $40,000. He used a credit card for the $4.76 McDonald’s meal and forgot to remove the receipt from the bag he stuffed inside the box before sending the package to Oakland, Ca., reports the Louisville Courier-Journal. Willett didn’t know […]


Police in America: Warriors or Peacemakers?

Training cops to avoid excessive use-of-force is only part of the challenge. The hardest part is learning a different mindset about policing—in the face of society expectations and peer pressure, experts and senior officers tell TCR.


Jail is No Place for the Homeless, say Police Chiefs

Incarceration is not an effective solution for cities faced with the challenge of homelessness, 250 of the nation’s top chiefs and sheriffs concluded in a recent conference. In a report on the conference, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) offers 11 recommendations for change.


Can Artificial Intelligence Hold Police Accountable?

A new data tool called Raheem.AI that enables community residents to monitor and report police conduct anonymously and in real time will soon get its first tryout in Oakland, Ca. Developer Brandon Anderson believes it can save lives.


PERF Calls for Strengthened Ban on Guns

In an “action plan” on gun violence, the nation’s top think tank on policing said guns should be prohibited for individuals who have a history of drug abuse or mental illness, as well as those with criminal convictions. It also called for strengthening the federal Background Check system and the establishment of a robust system of licensing.

Philly Issues New Trespassing Policy After Starbucks Case

Nearly two months after two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks while waiting for a friend, the city’s police department announced a policy to determine when to arrest people accused of trespassing on private property. The policy encourages “greater discretion” from officers, who are now encouraged to deescalate disputes between business or property owners and an alleged offender.