Can Curfews Curb Gun Violence?

Following a particularly deadly week in East St. Louis, the mayor has enacted a new midnight to 6 a.m. curfew for “the foreseeable future” to keep people off the streets and reduce gun violence. To that end, experts have found that curfews actually increase violence, and caution against using them.

After a Crime Spike, Chicago Mayor Backs Police Department

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that as a former prosecutor, she had “total confidence” in police superintendent David Brown’s ability to the city’s surge in murders—a position that puts her at odds with some community leaders.

traffic stop

Rethinking Police Traffic Stops

Traffic stops for expired tags and broken tail lights will no longer be prosecuted in Ramsey County, Minnesota, as part of an initiative to reduce police violence. In Washington, Spokane cops are eliminating their traffic unit for a different reason: staffing shortages. 

DOJ to Review Columbus, Ohio Police Department

Following a series of fatal police shootings of Black people and an aggressive response to last summer’s protests, the U.S. Justice Department will review practices of the Columbus police department. The city requested federal involvement days after a white officer fatally shot 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.