NYC Officer Acquitted of Killing Mentally Ill Woman

A judge cleared Sgt. Hugh Barry in the fatal 2016 shooting of bat-wielding, mentally ill Deborah Danner, 66. Her death became a flash point in the national, racially charged debate over whether police officers are too quick to shoot people and whether they are adequately trained in dealing with people suffering from severe mental illness.

Public Meeting After L.A. Deputy Kills Boy Ends in Chaos

An emergency town hall meeting after the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy in Los Angeles was halted Wednesday night as the teen’s family and residents demanded answers from Los Angeles County sheriff’s officials. Deputies shot and killed Anthony Weber during a foot chase. They said they spotted a handgun tucked into his pants, but investigators never recovered a weapon.


Officer-Involved Shootings: Who’s Really to Blame?

The public and the media often demand swift punishment for cops identified in deadly use-of-force incidents. But a new research paper suggests that the best way of preventing future incidents is to look for the “root causes” of misbehavior in a police agency’s procedures and culture.