Pennsylvania ‘Wandering Officer’ Law Welcomed by Police Union

A law targeted at preventing “problem officers” from seeking new jobs elsewhere has won the support of the state branch of the country’s largest association of rank-and-file police. The measure, signed into law by Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf last week, responds to growing concerns about so-called “wandering” police officers who find new jobs elsewhere after being fired by their local agencies.

Baltimore Police Union Weighs in on Patrol Shortage

In a message to rank-and-file officers obtained by The Baltimore Sun, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 3 President Sgt. Mike Mancuso suggested the officers had to look out for themselves because the department wasn’t doing it — instead failing to recruit enough officers to outpace attrition and forcing existing officers in the department to work overtime shifts.


Female Cops: Fighting for Respect in a ‘Boys Club’ Culture 

Increasing numbers of females now serve in the senior ranks of US policing, and they are slowly changing law enforcement practices across the country. But there’s still a long way to go before women cops can achieve full equality with their male peers, a University of Illinois professor argues in a new book.