For Many Cops, Arrest Is Not a Barrier to Law Enforcement Job

Infractions that can disqualify barbers or child-care providers from state certification don’t necessarily bar officers from retaining jobs or getting new ones. The Wall Street Journal traced outcomes for nearly 3,500 cops whose arrests resulted in lost jobs, conviction or both. About 1,900 of them were not working in law enforcement in 2015 but had not been placed on any list of decertified officers. Almost 10 percent, 332 of the officers, remained in law enforcement.

Seattle-Area Sheriff Accused of Suppressing Rape Allegation

Court documents suggest that King County, Wash., Sheriff John Urquhart directed his department’s internal investigations squad not to formally document a female deputy’s allegation this year that he raped her 14 years ago, contrary to department protocols. The allegation is included in depositions given as part of an ongoing lawsuit against King County alleging discrimination against female deputies.