How Menthol Bans Illustrate the Dangers of ‘Overcriminalization’

Proposals to ban sales of menthol cigarettes are the latest examples of a misplaced focus on creating criminal penalties that waste police time, harm minority communities, and detract law enforcement attention from crimes that actually put people’s safety at risk, say R Street researchers.

Jeffrey Epstein

Two Fed Corrections Officers Charged in Epstein Suicide

The workers allegedly fell asleep for hours and falsified records to cover up what they had done. The news of the charges comes as an AP investigation found the number of federal corrections officers dropped 11 percent in first two years of the Trump administration.


A Detective’s Worst Foe: ‘Flawed Thinking’

Fictional detectives like Peter Falk’s Columbo can solve mysteries on a hunch. Real-life investigators who do the same are often responsible for wrongful arrests that undermine the legitimacy of the justice system–and let the real wrongdoers escape, according to criminologists.


A Prisoner Re-Entry Plea from Ex-Lifers

Two men who were released from life prison terms in California and Louisiana told criminologists that many like them have changed over the decades and deserve to be freed, saving tax money and adding to the productive work force.