Do The Nation’s Prosecutors Need Help?

As national attention focuses on prosecutors’ role in the justice system, and as more reform DAs win office, they could benefit from up-to-date research to help them make decisions, especially on many lower-level criminal cases that don’t necessarily warrant a prison term, a Washington DC panel was told Thursday.


Are Witnesses Still Needed in Modern Trials?

Not really, say two law professors. They argue in a Texas Law Review article that it’s time to rethink the centuries-old traditions of Western jurisprudence that have made witnesses the centerpiece of criminal and civil trials—and replace them with more dependable ways of arriving at the truth.

Texas Jail System ‘Defective’ Says Report

The flaws in the state’s justice system cycle thousands of people through jails with little effort to address the roots of their behavior, says the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition. “The most important thing we can do is divert people charged with low level offenses from jail and connect them with recovery support as soon as possible,” said the co-author of a new study.


Cabbages and Basketballs: How Do Drugs Enter Our Prisons?

The standard PR “spin” from prison authorities around the U.S. blames ingenious schemes by prisoners for drug smuggling into facilities, but recent arrests of guards in Georgia offer a clue to where the biggest problem lies, writes a former inmate.