How Not to Manage a COVID-19 Outbreak in Prison

After months of warning that authorities at his Washington State prison were unprepared for the pandemic, lifer Tomas Keen contracted the disease―and discovered that he had underestimated the potential for disaster.


State Legislators Crack Down on Right to Protest

Close to a fifth of state legislatures are pushing for anti-protest bills in a movement that gained momentum after the summer’s protests over the police killing of George Floyd. The measures range from barring demonstrators from public benefits or government jobs to offering legal protections to those who shoot or run over protesters.


Adults Exposed to Gun Violence Suffer Damage to ‘Socio-Emotional’ Health’

A study conducted by the UC Davis Violence Prevention Research Program found that half of the respondents exposed to gun violence reported being “severely” distressed and experienced  significant psychological problems afterwards, affecting relations with family members, social networks, their job, or school.


Big Tech Backs Biden Immigration Moves

Hours after taking his oath of office on Wednesday, President Joe Biden fulfilled his promise to begin a major overhaul of U.S. immigration, including reversing the hardline “zero tolerance” policies of the previous administration. Facebook and Google quickly endorsed the moves, but others warned there was still a long way to go to reverse the “criminalization” of immigration policy during the Trump era.


Pro-Trump Protesters Grieve Over ‘Lost Cause’

The “shock and awe” effect of thousands of National Guard troops and police appears to have dissuaded pro-Trump protesters from any major Inauguration Day disruptions. “I was coming out to hopefully join a bunch of peaceful protesters in supporting the cause, that is almost a lost cause now, unfortunately,” said one in Albany, N.Y.


‘Gigantic Pileup’ of 1.3 Million Immigration Cases Awaits Biden

President Donald Trump is leaving office with a backlog of nearly 1.3 million immigration cases stalled in courts across the nation, more than two and a half times the number when he took office in 2017, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse. The backlog represents a formidable challenge to the next administration’s hopes for overhauling immigration policies.