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In Exonerations, How You Communicate Matters

Which is more powerful: a good story, or a telling statistic? The success of the recent documentary on the Central Park 5  suggests effective storytelling can change public attitudes, but that might not be enough to change public policy, according to two scholars. 

Eliot Rodger

Inside the Minds of Men Who Murder

In his new book, TCR contributing editor David Krajicek explores the written and recorded leavings of mass killers. In this excerpt, he describes some of their common characteristics, including a “pseudocommando mindset” and “heroic revenge fantasy.”


Fed Decision in Garner Case Adds ‘Insult to Injury,’ says His Mom

The mother of Eric Garner angrily condemned Tuesday’s decision by the Justice Department for not bringing charges against New York City police officer Daniel Pantaleo in her son’s chokehold death. The decision ended a long inquiry into a case that sharply divided officials and prompted national protests over excessive force by the police.