How Lie Detector Tests Can Damage U.S. National Security 

The Supreme Court, backed by research, has ruled that polygraph tests can’t be used as conclusive proof of guilt or innocence. They never caught, for example, convicted spy Aldrich Ames. So why do the FBI and other security agencies still use them in their hiring procedures?


Terrorism Watch List is Unconstitutional, Judge Rules

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga in Virginia, which came in response to a 2016 lawsuit filed by the council on American-Islamic Relations, said the list doesn’t give Americans on the list an adequate opportunity to challenge their status as potential terrorism suspects.


Federal Hate Crime Prosecutions ‘Falling’: Report

Nearly 2,000 hate crimes have been referred to U.S. attorneys since 2009, but just 15 percent have resulted in prosecutions, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse. So far, in 2019, just 17 cases—of 99 referrals under the five hate crime statutes on federal books—have been prosecuted.