KY “Living Room” Program An Alternative to Jail

Louisville tests a program involving diverting people with mental illness or substance abuse problems from jails or hospitals, Program leaders hope to see cost savings of anywhere from $70 to $1,000 a day per person – not to mention treatment that stabilizes those in crisis and addresses long-term recovery needs. Similar models have proved successful in Delaware and Illinois.

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‘The Court of a Million Chances’

The Brooklyn (NY) Mental Health Court is an impressive example of how diversion to treatment and counseling can help the seriously mentally ill who run afoul of the law. But although such courts are spreading around the country, they represent only part of the solution.


The ‘Double-Edged Sword’ of the Insanity Defense

A Vanderbilt Law School professor says evidence of mental impairment could be a useful tool in a reformed justice system that focused on rehabilitation rather than blame. But, he argues in a recent study, under the current system, neuroscience can be used by both prosecutors and defense, and has only limited value in assessing guilt.