How Respects ‘Right to be Forgotten’ editor Chris Quinn has changed the site’s policy of automatically using mugshots (“the worst photos people will ever take”) with minor crime stories. It no longer names perpetrators of minor crimes. The site is also launching an effort to review individuals’ requests to remove their names from old stories.

Cleveland Paper Deletes Names When Judge Seals Record

The Cleveland Plain Dealer is expanding its “right-to-be-forgotten” experiment, in which it has removed the names of five people from stories on its website about minor crimes they committed. “People should not have to pay for a mistake for the rest of their lives,” says Editor Chris Quinn.

CA Man Out on Bond After Threats to Boston Globe

Federal agents arrested Robert Chain, 68, at his home Thursday morning and confiscated over 20 firearms – including a shotgun behind the front door and handguns stuffed in sock drawers. Chain allegedly made 14 threatening phone calls to the newspaper after it condemned President Trump’s attacks on the press.