True Crime: Richard Price on Mayhem, Murder and Journalism

In an excerpt from his foreword to “The New York Times Book of Crime,” by exclusive arrangement with The Crime Report, one of the country’s masters of crime fiction writes that the best crime reporting can uncover truths about ourselves that we would sometimes prefer to ignore.

The Triumph of the Crime Reporter

What’s the most important crime story of the last century? You can choose from a collection of the 100 best put together by The New York Times from its archives, in a celebration of the often-overlooked chroniclers of murder and mayhem: the men and women for whom crime is a daily beat. Kevin Flynn, the anthology’s editor, reveals the reasons for his choices in a conversation with The Crime Report.

Missing White Woman Syndrome: It’s Not a Media Myth

A Northwestern University researcher finds evidence to support accusations of racial bias in media coverage of girls and women who have gone missing–and he says that raises larger questions about how the public perceives victims of crime.