The Media and the ‘Right to be Forgotten’

At least 11 states now have automatic record expungement laws, but stories of arrests and even mugshots last forever on the internet―unless media outlets and criminal justice advocates can agree on consistent policies.

It’s Time to Halt Post-9/11 Anti-Terror Sting Operations, Say Critics

After 9/11, the FBI’s change from a crime-investigating organization to an intelligence-gathering agency was accompanied by an increased use of sting operations. A new PBS documentary focuses on one operation in Miami that revealed the often-questionable grounds for such operations, and the abuses they fostered.

Capital Gazette Killer is Sane, Court Rules

Three years after his rampage at the Capital Gazette newsroom in Annapolis, Md., which took five lives, Jarrod Ramos has been found mentally competent. The court denial of his insanity plea means he will likely spend his life in prison or a maximum-security psychiatric hospital.


‘Cheap Clicks’: How the Media ‘Stigmatizes’ Suspects

Recent decisions by some media outlets to shield the names of those arrested for misdemeanors raises questions about the media’s longtime reliance on crime news, much of it sensational, writes Jack Shafer, senior media writer for Politico.