Texas Bans Reality TV Policing Shows

As more and more of the COPS-style programs fall under the knife amid protests against police violence that some argue the shows promote, Texas passed a bill that would make it illegal for law enforcement agencies to authorize reality television crews to film officers on duty.

Should Media Witness Executions?

The Texas execution of 41-year-old Quintin Jones by lethal injection was the state’s first in modern history to take place without requisite witnesses from the news media. State officials say it was a mistake, but anti-death penalty advocates are not so sure.

Coverage of Mass Shootings Ignores Black Victims: Study

A recent study published in the journal Sociology of Race and Ethnicity about shooting victims in Chicago found Black people killed in predominantly Black neighborhoods in the city in 2016 received roughly half as much news coverage as white people killed in majority white neighborhoods, and were less likely to be discussed as “multifaceted, complex people.”