CNBC Crew Arrested at Airport in Fake Bomb Case

Nine members of a CNBC crew filming a new reality show, “Staten Island Hustle,” were arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport on charges of trying to smuggle a fake bomb through airport security. Their employer called the arrest a “misunderstanding.”

Aurora vigil

Will Keeping Mass Killers Out of the Media Spotlight Save Lives?

How much do we really need to know about rampage killers? As little as possible, say Tom and Caren Teves, whose son Alex was murdered in the 2012 Aurora, Co. theater massacre. In a conversation with TCR, they report on the status of their “No Notoriety” campaign, which asks the media to focus on victims instead of perpetrators.

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A More Critical Media Boosts Police Reform, says Study

The mainstream press is less likely to favor authorities in cases of police misconduct, according to a study of how three newspapers reported on deadly use-of-force incidents. The shift in coverage is a key driver of debates over the future of policing, argues the forthcoming analysis in the Police Quarterly.

Journalist Kalven Won’t Testify on Chicago Police Shooting

A judge quashed a subpoena that sought to force independent journalist Jamie Kalven to testify about his reporting on the fatal 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald by a Chicago police officer. Judge Vincent Gaughan said attorneys for officer Jason Van Dyke did not adequately show that the testimony was relevant to their case. 

Justice Reform Subverted by Politics, says Bill Moyers

When prosecutors and judges are turned into vote-seekers, efforts to develop more humane approaches to punishment and law enforcement suffer, the veteran TV journalist said in an interview aired on CUNY’s “Criminal Justice Matters” program Tuesday. He charged that the Trump administration’s “tough on crime” rhetoric has made things worse.