Lee Correctional

Covering America’s Corrections Systems: A Media ‘Handbook’

The complex challenges of U.S. corrections rarely enter the public debate, and legislators and practitioners contemplating changes are hampered by simplistic rhetoric. In an effort to reinforce evidence-based coverage, The Crime Report has published an updated “handbook” for journalists that may prove equally useful for advocates and practitioners.


How Well Does the US Media Cover Criminal Justice?

 The verdict is mixed, according to The Crime Report’s annual survey released Friday. Despite some bright spots, continued layoffs and closures have forced many smaller news outlets to reduce their coverage, leaving millions of Americans in the dark about the practices of local courts, law enforcement and justice agencies.

The Rise of the Crime Beat ‘News Nerds’

Data reporting has transformed criminal justice journalism. It’s also contributed to the emergence of an information-sharing ethos on a beat usually seen as hyper-competitive.