Coverage of Mass Shootings Ignores Black Victims: Study

A recent study published in the journal Sociology of Race and Ethnicity about shooting victims in Chicago found Black people killed in predominantly Black neighborhoods in the city in 2016 received roughly half as much news coverage as white people killed in majority white neighborhoods, and were less likely to be discussed as “multifaceted, complex people.”

The Fadeout of Police Mug Shots

A handful of states in the U.S. have proposed measures that limit or ban the use of mug shots that are often made public, a fact that some legal experts say can undermine the presumption of innocence, perpetuate racial stereotypes and leave an indelible stain on a person’s life.

FOIA Requesters Wait Months, Years for Answers: Report

There’s been a 46 percent increase in Freedom of Information requests that have been pending for 48 months or more since 2019, according to the FOIA Project. Things are not likely to change under Joe Biden’s administration, the Project warned.