Colorado Springs Shooting Leaves Seven Dead

The shooting occurred May 9 after a gunman entered a birthday party and began firing inside a mobile home in Colorado Springs before killing himself. It was the latest in a growing tally of mass shootings that continue to erupt around the country.


Stopping Mass Shootings: What Works, What Doesn’t Work

There may be no “quick fix” for mass shootings in the U.S. But researchers have identified evidence-based approaches that can reduce their frequency, minimize casualties—and even in some cases prevent them from happening,  according to a policy brief from the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.

Joe Biden

‘We Have to Act’ on Gun Safety, says Biden

President Joe Biden is considering a range of executive actions on gun issues to bypass GOP opposition in Congress, in the aftermath of the Boulder, Co. shootings.

Will Atlanta Gunman Be Charged Under Hate Crime Law?

A member of a church that forbids sex before marriage, the suspect visited massage parlors for sex as he pursued a fixation of guilt and lust that may have fueled his rampage. A heated debate has already begun over whether Georgia should invoke hate-crime legislation against Long for his crimes.

Six Dead in Indianapolis Shooting

Authorities said that they have determined the attack was “targeted” and that there may have been more than one shooter. The shooting came just days after officials unveiled a “crime reduction plan” to combat a rise in violence, which they attributed to drugs and poverty.