Attorney: Sandy Hook Killer Beguiled by AR-15 Gun Ads

The Connecticut Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday in the lawsuit against Remington by families of those killed by Adam Lanza in the 2012 school massacre. The plaintiffs’ attorney said, “It wasn’t just that [Remington] marketed the weapon looking for people with characteristics of Adam Lanza but that Adam Lanza heard the message.”

Should TX Church Shooting Video Be Made Public?

Some people in Sutherland Springs, Tx., say no. Releasing such videos could affect the integrity of law enforcement investigations, re-traumatize families of victims and feed online voyeurs and conspiracy theorists. Others say keeping the videos out of public view masks the horror of mass shootings and allows politicians and the public to avoid confronting their bloody reality.

FBI, Apple May Fight Again Over TX Shooter’s Phone

Experts at the FBI’s lab in Quantico, Va., are trying to determine if there are other methods, such as cloud storage or a linked laptop, that would provide access to Devin Kelley’s phone’s data. That process could take weeks. If the FBI and Apple had talked to each other in the first two days after the attack, it’s possible the device might already be open.

Law Enforcement Leaders Won’t Speak TX Killer’s Name

FBI agent Christopher Combs said, “we don’t talk about the shooter” in the hope that it “doesn’t encourage other people to do horrific acts.” That choice reflects a larger movement of authorities, victims’ families and academics who want to deny to mass killers the fame they often seek, and to keep from inspiring the next one. A group called No Notoriety is at the forefront of the movement.