The ‘Racialization’ of Sex Trafficking in America

While many Americans view anti-trafficking reform as an altruistic endeavor to combat modern slavery, most interventions aren’t effective, and some are secondarily exploitative―which arguably further stigmatizes and marginalizes already vulnerable victims and survivors, writes a trafficking expert.


COVID-19, the Commercial Sex Industry and Sex Trafficking

The pandemic has increased the number of women, men and children at risk of trafficking. But given the hidden nature of the crime, it is no surprise that anti-trafficking efforts appear to have had little impact on reducing victimization, writes the author of a book used to train law enforcement.

bus depot

How Mass Transit Puts the Brakes on Human Trafficking  

According to a 2018 survey, 63 percent of trafficking victims were transported on trains, trucks, buses, taxis, and other modes of land travel. That has put the men and women who operate the nation’s public and private mass transit systems on the front lines of the struggle against traffickers, writes a former rail police officer.