L.A. County Takes First Step in ‘Care-First’ Youth Justice Reform

A five-year plan to transform juvenile justice systems in Los Angeles County will be based on a  “care-first” model that emphasizes rehabilitation and support by placing youth in “home-like settings.” The plan, presented this week in a motion by the County Board of Supervisors, will create a new Department of Youth Development.


Myriad Ways to Reduce Violence Without Police: Report

Examples include creating more green space in neighborhoods, strengthening nonviolent social norms, and providing more structure for youth, according to a recent review published by the John Jay Research and Evaluation Center. These interventions have not only reduced violence; they are also cost-effective and sustainable.


From Gang Member to PhD: Defying the Odds

At the age of 14, Christian L. Bolden was a gang member in San Antonio, Tx. Several decades later, he had crossed apparently insurmountable barriers to become a university professor studying gang sociology. In a conversation with TCR about his new book, he discusses how the hurdles have gotten even higher for young men today who are trying to navigate a system bent on punishing, rather than rehabilitating, them.