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Learning the Lessons of Past Disasters: Don’t Leave Young People Behind

Following Hurricane Katrina, authorities failed to evacuate at-risk youths in the juvenile justice system, leaving them cut off from their families and without food or water. Unless governors and other state officials act quickly, the current pandemic will cause an even graver catastrophe, warns the president of Youth First Initiative.

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‘Lower Level’ of COVID-19 Health Care Warned for Kids in Custody

As more young people are being released from custody in response to fears about their vulnerability to the coronavirus, juvenile justice advocates are focusing on the kids left behind. At a Tuesday press conference, experts called on authorities to address the needs of youth still held in detention before it was too late.

girl handcuffed

Juvenile Agency Chiefs Join Calls to Release Jailed Youth

Youth correctional administrators have joined juvenile justice advocates across the country in warning that the 43,000 young people currently in custody are among those at highest risk of infection from the coronavirus. “The experience of (juvenile) incarceration just got worse,” said former NY State Youth Corrections Commissioner Gladys Carrion.