S.F. to Replace Its Juvenile Detention Center

The new facility should feel “more like a school or a wellness center rather than a jail or a prison”, said city supervisor Hillary Ronen, a sponsor of the legislation. The push to shut down the city’s juvenile detention center came as youth crime and juvenile felony arrests dropped throughout the state.


Why the ‘Culture’ of Juvenile Justice Needs to Change

In several California counties, courts are keeping young people behind bars even when risk assessment tools suggest they can be released. A former public defender argues this illustrates a worrying tendency to put the system’s fears of making an embarrassing mistake ahead of the needs of justice-involved youth.

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Racial Gap in Juvenile Arrests Continues to Grow, Despite Reforms

A recent report found that 43 percent of boys and 34 percent of girls in juvenile facilities are African American, although blacks make up just 14 percent of all youths under 18 in the U.S. In California, lawmakers and youth advocates are working to address the disparities with diversion programs, rehabilitative care and legislative policy changes.