crime scene

Can We Lower Urban Violence Without Police?

The common response to violence has traditionally involved law enforcement. But researchers and activists are turning to new community-based programs and practices that remove law enforcement from the center of the anti-violence conversation entirely, a webinar hosted by the Council on Criminal Justice heard Thursday.


Utah Weighs College Courses for Incarcerated Youth

Under a bill presented to state lawmakers this month, incarcerated young people can choose a variety of degrees or technical certificates to pursue. Utah State Rep. Lowry Snow, the bill’s author, called education “the antidote to recidivism.”

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How Mass Transit Puts the Brakes on Human Trafficking  

According to a 2018 survey, 63 percent of trafficking victims were transported on trains, trucks, buses, taxis, and other modes of land travel. That has put the men and women who operate the nation’s public and private mass transit systems on the front lines of the struggle against traffickers, writes a former rail police officer.