An Inmate’s Story: How I Turned Into the Person I Feared Most

As an 11-year-old he was bullied by classmates. Thirty years later he looked back with regret on the choices that turned him into a violent gang member serving life in prison, in this essay produced for “The Beat Within” justice writing workshop in San Francisco.


How Predictive Policing Can Criminalize Kids’ Online Searches

An algorithm-based program operated by the UK police identifies youth who have displayed an online interest in cybercrime tools, with a view to staging an early intervention. Such “predictive policing” technologies, which are also used to identify potential gang members, have potentially harmful impacts, writes a London solicitor.

salinas town

Stopping Gun Violence, One Youth at a Time

A California farm town fights youth violence aided by a police-community outreach program that gives violent young men “a legitimate opportunity to participate in society in a meaningful way,” in the words of the local police chief.