Fourth Escape This Year from LA Juvenile Prison

Four teenage inmates escaped from a Louisiana juvenile prison over the weekend in a jailbreak so violent one guard was airlifted for medical treatment. The escape marked the second in a week — and at least the fourth in 2018 — from the Swanson Center for Youth, an understaffed facility that has become a cauldron of violence and dysfunction.


Getting Juvenile Probation Right

Nearly 400,000 young people are put on probation each year, pulling them deeper into the justice system without support or guidance that could divert them to a better path. Introducing a new report by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, two juvenile justice experts suggest an agenda to get them there.

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‘I Feel Like a Dead Man Walking’

There is no national legal standard on how many years is too many for a juvenile to serve. Across the country, juvenile offenders are being released from prison based on recognition that human brains continue to develop for the first two and a half decades of life. That’s not the case in Illinois, write two reporters who investigated 11 cases of youths serving sentences of 50 years or longer.