D.C. Attorney General: Keep Teens in Family Court  

New legislation proposed by Karl Racaine would apply to teens charged with murder, first-degree sexual abuse, and armed robbery, among other crimes. Currently, the lead federal prosecutor in D.C. can file those kinds of teen’s cases directly in adult court — without any say from a judge.

Will Maine Decriminalize Prostitution?

If Gov. Janet Mills approves a bill decriminalizing offenses committed by people sold into the state’s sex trade, Maine will become the first state to partially decriminalize prostitution.


Internet Blamed for Increase in Child Porn

The advancement of technology has facilitated the distribution and possession of massive quantities of child pornography, over half of which includes content of infants and toddlers, says the United States Sentencing Commission.

Facebook Liable for Human Trafficking Connections: Court Ruling

The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that Facebook can be held liable for sex trafficking recruitment that happens as a result of connections made on the social platform. The court said the California-based company is not a “lawless no-man’s land” and can face significant charges. This news comes as sex trafficking online is on the rise.