Scammers Impersonating DOJ Staff Target Elderly

The Department of Justice has issued a fraud alert about a phone scam targeting the elderly, with criminals masquerading as DOJ investigators or employees in order to obtain personal information over the telephone.


Death in Prison: How Health Care Fails the Men and Women Behind Bars

Washington state journalist Levi Pulkkinen spent the past year digging into a subject many Americans have never given more than a passing thought: healthcare for people in prison. His three-part multimedia investigative series reveals a system where delays in health care may mean life or death for the men and women behind bars, but also has an outsized impact on the state budget.


‘Over-Enforcement’ During Pandemic Drives More Homeless into Jail

Homelessness is currently between 7.5 and 11.3 times more prevalent among the jail population, and as evictions increase during COVID-19, homeless people are 11 times more likely to be arrested nationwide than those who are housed, according to a study from the Vera Institute of Justice.


Opioid Lawsuits Revived as Some Courts Reopen

While giant drug firms like Purdue Pharma position themselves as “key players” in the fight against COVID-19, they’re quietly fighting a “renewed wave” of opioid lawsuits. Meanwhile, opioid deaths have skyrocketed during the pandemic.