Incarcerated Women: Forgotten Victims of COVID-19

The plight of incarcerated women—one of the most vulnerable and fastest growing demographics in U.S. prisons and jails—has largely been hidden in the narrative of tragedy associated with the pandemic, write two R Street researchers.


COVID-19 Exposed Flaws of the Justice System: Paper

U.S. justice was already riddled with systemic problems when the coronavirus struck. But the speed with which the infection swept through prison facilities has created the momentum for long-overdue reforms, says a Colorado law professor.

Jails, Justice and Mental Health

Documentary filmmaker Gabriel London speaks with The Crime Report about his recently released project, “The Definition of Insanity,” now streaming on PBS. The film follows participants and the team who carry out the Miami-Dade Criminal Mental Health Project (CMHP) in Florida.

Will Protests Become ‘Super-Spreader Events’?

Minnesota Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm says the state Health Department is bracing for a “potential spike” in coronavirus infections fueled by protests. NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo appealed to protesters not to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,” but many demonstrators said the cause is too important to worry about the health consequences. 

#Say Their Names: Remembering Inmates Who Died

During the pandemic, many advocates and people who have family members incarcerated have been making sure that elected officials hear their voices — and their car horns. A procession organized in New Jersey Thursday honored those who died behind bars.