Is Trump Guilty of Criminal Obstruction of Congress?

To convict someone of that crime, a jury must determine that a defendant took an obstructive action, affected an “official proceeding” and acted with “corrupt” intentions. Several members of the House committee investigating the Capitol riot are already looking closely at its possible application to the former president.


Has the Pandemic Killed Jury Trials?

Exacerbated by the pandemic, the nationwide decline of jury trials is threatening to derail citizens’ constitutionally guaranteed access to impartial justice, according to the assistant county attorney in Harris County, Texas.

Florida School Shooting Legal Battle: Should Jurors See Crime Scene?

Prosecutors in the trial of Nikolas Cruz, accused of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school massacre in 2018, say a juror walk-through of the crime scene is crucial. But the defense argues this would traumatize the jurors and compromise chances for a fair trial.

Jury Trial Delays Lead to Longer Lock Ups

As courts delayed jury trials due to COVID-19, many people accused of violent crimes were released from jail on pending cases. But others remained behind bars for more time than their eventual sentence.