NYC Jail Union Head Calls Rikers Plan ‘Land Grab’

The head of the New York City’s correction officers’ union contends that a plan to close the Rikers Island jail complex is a “land grab” that’s more about money than criminal justice. Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association President Elias Husamadeen said the planned shutdown is motivated by a desire to free up its 420 acres of land for projects like an expansion of LaGuardia airport.

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Doing ‘Hard Time’ in the Nation’s Jails

A Kansas professor took his political science students on visits to a state correctional facility and a local county jail, and discovered that for all the criticism about American prisons, jail inmates suffer even harsher conditions—aggravated by the lack of oversight and transparency.

Women With Mental, Addiction Problems a TX Jail Issue

At least 10 of the 86 Texas female jail fatalities since 2011 were attributed to overdoses. At least another 10 women died from addiction-related problems that the state failed to track, finds a Dallas Morning News review of the cases, autopsies and medical records. Many of those drug-linked deaths were attributed to “natural causes.” A few were called accidents or suicides.