Colombia Captures Notorious Drug Lord Compared to Escobar

Colombia’s most-wanted drug lord, Dairo Antonio Úsuga, widely known by his alias, Otoniel, and  the alleged leader of the notorious drug-trafficking group Clan del Golfo, or Gulf Clan, which dominates major cocaine-smuggling routes in the country’s north, has been captured by armed forces in his jungle hideout and faces extradition to the United States.

Mass Shooting in Mexican Border City Tied to Cartel

At least 14 people died after a convoy of shooters went on a rampage in the Mexican border city of Reynosa.  Tamaulipas Gov. Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca blamed the violence on the Mexican president’s lack of action against organized crime.


The Youngest Traffickers: How Drug Cartels Exploit Children

The recruitment of children as drug couriers by organized crime gangs has become a major global problem. The strategies used by the British Transport Police and their partners could serve as a model of enforcement and prevention for other countries, writes a former UK detective superintendent.