The Latin American Drug Cartel You Haven’t Heard of

While the attention of organized crime specialists and the international media has focused on the notorious drug cartels of Mexico and Colombia, Brazil’s little-known Primeiro Comando da Capital is emerging as the Western hemisphere’s most potent crime threat. A new report calls the trafficking group South America’s “most powerful prison gang” ― and warns its operations are quietly expanding.

Venezuela President Maduro Faces U.S. Drug Charges

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro was charged in the U.S. on Thursday with federal drug trafficking crimes after an investigation by federal authorities in Washington, New York and Florida. Charges were also filed against Venezuela’s chief justice, defense minister, intelligence officials and the members of FARC, the largest rebel group in Colombia.


Human Trafficking Prosecutions Decline Under Trump Administration

So far this year, federal attorneys have prosecuted 39 percent of the cases referred to them with child sex trafficking as the lead charge. That’s down from 49 percent in the last year of the Obama administration. The National Human Trafficking Hotline identified almost 15,000 people who were likely trafficked in 2018—more than any year since at least 2012.