U.S. is World’s Top Target of Cyberattackers

The U.S. experienced 156 significant cyber attacks between 2006 and June 2020, according to a new report. That’s way ahead of the second-ranked most targeted nation — the United Kingdom, at 47.


COVID-19 Fuels Rise in East-West Cyberwarfare

Despite indictments, Russian saboteurs–some linked to the Russian military–have targeted millions of employees of major U.S. firms in a new escalation of East-West cyberwarfare. Chinese and North Korean hackers are also becoming a distributor of “weaponized” social media, according to security experts.

Floyd Killing Exploited as Cyber Propaganda Weapon Overseas

China, Russia and Iran have seized on the George Floyd killing to promote stories hostile to the United States in their state-owned media, but their efforts stopped short of the type of covert online influence operation attributed to Russia in the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a recent analysis.


Violence and the Pandemic: Uncertain Outlook for the Post-COVID World

Lockdowns in more than 150 countries have caused sharp declines in violent crime since the coronavirus swept across the globe. That has produced an opportunity for research into the factors that prevent violence—or stoke further conflict once the crisis eases, says a paper commissioned by the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation.