Exporting Murder: US Deportations and the Spread of Violence

Gangs like MS-13 are increasingly portrayed as threats to U.S. national security. But they are also the product of U.S. policies that deport criminal offenders back to Central America, where they have fueled the violence that has sent many refugees fleeing north, say two researchers.


The Psychological Violence of Mexico’s War on Drugs

Mexico’s prolonged drug war has taken a significant psychological toll on all of its citizens, not just direct victims of violence, according to a study from the Mexican Center for Economic Research and Teaching. Researchers found symptoms of depression and deep emotional distress, fueled as much by state-sponsored military violence as by the gruesome actions of crime cartels.

Andres Lopez Obrador

Can Mexico’s New President End His Nation’s Violence and Corruption?

Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador has a long road ahead to dismantle corrupt politics and end rampant violence in Mexico, according to experts. “I think the biggest hurdle is that corruption is everywhere and the biggest challenge is where do you start?” David Shirk, an expert on security in Mexico, told The Crime Report.


Mexican Drug Cartels, Officials Collude in ‘Crimes Against Humanity’: Report

A report by the Open Society Justice Initiative calls for an international investigation of two massacres committed by drug gangs in the Mexican state of Coahuila on the U.S. border that left 450 people dead. The incidents illustrate what researchers say is a nationwide pattern of collusion between narco-cartels and corrupt authorities that has turned the U.S. closest southern neighbor into a killing ground.