Critics Question ‘Collateral Arrests’ in ICE Raids

The Trump administration calls immigrants who are not the targets but are swept up during enforcement actions “collateral arrests.” While some do have criminal records, some have none. Advocates say the “arrest everyone first, ask questions later” approach — which some see as a response to the “sanctuary city” movement — violates immigrants’ constitutional rights and constitutes racial profiling.

DOJ Threatens 23 ‘Sanctuary Cities’ With Supboenas

The Justice Department is threatening 23 “sanctuary cities,” including New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, with subpoenas if they fail to provide documents to show whether local law enforcement officers are sharing information with federal immigration authorities. The threat prompted some mayors to bow out of a meeting with President Trump.

Supreme Court to Rule on Trump Travel Ban

The high court will decide whether President Trump’s responsibility to protect the nation grants him authority to ban travelers from specific countries. The justices will rule by June in the major examination of the president’s powers. the third iteration of Trump’s travel ban, issued last fall, which bars travelers from eight countries, six of them with Muslim majorities.