Trump May Sign Asylum Changes on Friday

U.S. officials will require asylum seekers to go to a point of entry along the border and make a claim for asylum, which would bar those who cross illegally. With Democrats winning control of the House of Representatives, immigration is now poised to be one the biggest battles for the president.


Will a New Congress Revive the Hopes of DREAMers?

Even with a divided government following the midterm elections, President Trump has all the discretionary powers he needs to provide a path to citizenship for children of undocumented immigrants—if he wants to. A paper in the Lewis & Clark Law Review explains why.

Migrant Caravan of 4,500 Pauses in Mexico City

Thousands of Central American migrants will take at least a few days to rest in a Mexico City stadium as they debate whether to accept offers to stay in Mexico or continue their trek to the U.S. border. Humanitarian aid increased Tuesday for the 4,500 migrants gathered at the Jesus Martinez stadium after an arduous journey that has taken them through three countries in three weeks.