Steinles Pursue Wrongful Death Case in CA Shooting

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was sentenced to time already served for unlawful possession of a firearm after a jury’s decision in November to reject murder charges against the Mexican national for firing a bullet that killed Kate Steinle as she strolled down a San Francisco pier in 2015. The Steinle family has sued the federal government because the gun used in the killing was stolen from an agent’s car.

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Trump Border Wall Would Cost Nearly $18 Billion

The White House proposal, presented by the Department of Homeland Security to a group of senators, provides the most detail so far of Trump’s plans to build a “big, beautiful wall.” Part of a $33 bilion plan for border security, including technology, personnel, and roads, it would cover nearly half of the southwest border.

Immigrants Get Inhumane Treatment at Some Centers: IG

Immigrants detained at large centers used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in California, Georgia, New Jersey and New Mexico are subject to inhumane treatment, given insufficient hygiene supplies and medical care, and provided potentially unsafe food, says the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General.

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You’re Safer in a ‘Sanctuary City,’ says New Study

A California study rebuts arguments that urban counties which limit or refuse  cooperation with immigration authorities in reporting undocumented immigrants are breeding grounds for crime. In particular, white residents of sanctuary cities are 62 percent less likely to die from gun violence than their counterparts elsewhere, the study found.