Trump, Dems Near Deal on Dreamers, Border Security

President Trump and Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer have reached a tentative agreement to beef up border security in exchange for providing a pathway to citizenship for young immigrants known as “Dreamers,” The deal, which the president tweeted isn’t final yet, doesn’t include funding for the border wall.

Motel 6 Stops Sending Customer Lists to ICE

The company’s announcement came after the Phoenix New Times reported that at least two Arizona Motel 6 locations were sending guest lists to ICE agents every morning, prompting ICE sting operations at the businesses. At least 20 undocumented immigrants have been arrested under this practice.

Immigrants Face High Levels of Fraud: Study

Just four percent of U.S. counties work with nonprofit organizations that provide legal aid services to immigrants, making it difficult to navigate the “bureaucratic labyrinth” involved in applying for green cards and social assistance, according to a Stanford University study. Meanwhile, noncitizens seeking legal help fall victim to scam artists who take advantage of their unfamiliarity with the complex immigration system.