Guatemalan Women Sues Over Seizure of Son

It appears to be the first lawsuit filed by a parent separated from a child under a zero-tolerance border policy that the Trump administration defends as necessary to deter illegal immigration despite an explosion of criticism. The American Civil Liberties Union has sued challenging the overall policy.

Migrant Kids Go to Facilities with Serious Lapses

Taxpayers have paid more than $1.5 billion in four years to private companies operating immigrant youth shelters accused of serious lapses in care, including neglect and sexual and physical abuse. In nearly all cases, the federal government has continued to place migrant children with the companies even after serious allegations were raised.

New Use for Old Texas Walmart: Immigrant Detention

A former Walmart Supercenter in Brownsville, Texas, has become the largest licensed migrant children’s shelter in the country — a warehouse for nearly 1,500 boys aged 10 to 17 who were caught illegally crossing the border. The New York Times calls the place “a model of border life in Trump-era America.”