Trump Budget Seeks $13B for Opioids, $23B for Border

The White House budget proposal to Congress for the next fiscal year includes a large sum aimed at combatting the opioid epidemic and an even-larger amount for border security and immigration enforcement, including the southern border wall.

Judges Slow Deportations on Due Process Issues

In a growing number of cases, federal judges are delaying both individual and mass deportations. Thomas Homan of ICE says the court orders “appear to ignore the fact that each alien in question was lawfully ordered removed from the United States after full and fair proceedings, many of which lasted several years or longer, at great taxpayer expense.”

Critics Question ‘Collateral Arrests’ in ICE Raids

The Trump administration calls immigrants who are not the targets but are swept up during enforcement actions “collateral arrests.” While some do have criminal records, some have none. Advocates say the “arrest everyone first, ask questions later” approach — which some see as a response to the “sanctuary city” movement — violates immigrants’ constitutional rights and constitutes racial profiling.