‘Pockets of Impunity’: Where Police Can’t Find Killers

The Washington Post identified the places in dozens of U.S. cities where murder is common but arrests are rare. The newspaper analyzed up to a decade of homicide arrest data– 52,000 cases — from 50 large cities. The analysis shows block by block where police fail to catch killers. The overall homicide arrest rate in the 50 cities is 49 percent, but in areas of impunity, police make arrests less than 33 percent of the time.

Archivist Hargrove Has 27,000 More Homicides Than FBI

Ex-journalist Thomas Hargrove has a file of 751,785 murders since 1976, about 27,000 more than appear in FBI files. Using computer code he wrote, he searches for statistical anomalies among ordinary murders resulting from lovers’ triangles, gang fights, robberies, or brawls. Each year, about five thousand people kill someone and don’t get caught. Hargrove intends to find them with his code, which he calls a serial-killer detector.

Drug Trade Fuels Surge in Witness Murders

Street gangs in Indiana are silencing eyewitnesses to their violent activities, as well as informants, say local prosecutors and police. A lack of witness cooperation is a major reason the arrest rate in Indianapolis criminal homicide cases has sunk to near 35 percent.