Jury Ponders Sentence for Ohio Neo-Nazi

James Fields of Maumee, Oh., a supporter of neo-Nazi beliefs who took part in the violent white-supremacist “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va., last year, was found guilty of first-degree murder for killing a woman by ramming his car through counterprotesters.


60% of Hate Crimes are Racially Motivated: FBI

The majority of hate crime victims last year were targeted because of the offenders’ race, ethnicity, and/or ancestry bias, according to an FBI report released Tuesday


How the Law Complicates Tracking Hate in Oregon

Some hate crimes are so heinous there’s no debate about whether they should be prosecuted. But the law isn’t always so clear-cut for police. Oregon is a good example.


Are Hate Crimes Terrorism?

No, argues the founding director of the John Jay College Center on Terrorism. The FBI definition of terrorism is already “slippery,” and stretching the definition further might threaten  civil liberties, he writes.