‘You Can’t Solve Domestic Terrorism with an Algorithm’

Social media firms have been scrambling to crack down on domestic terrorist threats ahead of the inauguration and beyond, but experts say their efforts are only temporary solutions. For one thing, the lack of industry-wide coordination around the issue means fringe movements can easily migrate to smaller platforms, and often darker corners of the web, say the experts.


Experts Predict New Era of Extremist Violence After Assault on Capitol

The deadly insurrection at the Capitol should serve as a wake-up call to those who have ignored the warnings, says one expert on right-wing violence, who called it “the beginning of a new movement, not the end of an old one.” At least 120 individuals have been arrested so far, many of them members of groups following conspiracy theorists.


‘Death to the Decadent Republic’: How Social Media Fueled DC Riot

Social media played a key role in Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol Building, with sites favored by the far-right such as Parler and Gab sharing information on which streets to take to avoid the police and which tools would pry open doors. Meanwhile, Facebook announced it will ban President Trump “indefinitely.”


FBI: Hate Crimes at ‘Highest Level in More Than a Decade’

FBI data show hate crime incidents increased 2.7 percent last year, following a UN report released last month noting an increase in racist incidents targeting Asian Americans during the pandemic — which the UN traces to President Donald Trump’s rhetoric about the “China Flu.”


When Hate Speech Leads to Violence

Registered sex offenders are especially at risk now, thanks in part to the burgeoning conspiracy theories fomented by groups like QAnon, warns an activist.