Could ‘Red Flag’ Laws Reduce Gun Violence Among the Elderly?

A University of Arizona researcher argues that special protection orders allowing police or family members to remove access to guns from dangerously unstable individuals, now in place in 13 states, can reduce firearm deaths among the elderly, who are most at risk for committing suicide with a firearm.

WA Gun Sales Rise After Voters Pass New Controls

After Washington voters approved raising the purchase age of semi-automatic weapons to 21, along with a $25 hike in price to cover the cost of stringent new gun regulations, gun sales are spiking as people rush to “to beat the deadline” next year, says one dealer.


Firearm Homicide Rates Rising: CDC Study

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a study of the most recently available data from 2015-2016, found that 43 percent of the largest 50 metropolitan areas reported increases in the rate of gun-related deaths compared to 2012-2013. Firearm suicide rates are also going up.