Alarming Rash of Gun Thefts Reported in Kansas City

Firearms thefts rose 37 percent increase, and the higher rate is continuing this year, says the Kansas City Star. Many gun owners are making it easy for criminals to propel the city’s high rate of gun violence. They are stowing their guns carelessly in cars, not securing them in locked boxes, and failing to record serial numbers to help law enforcement if they are stolen.

Study Finds Little Impact of CO, WA Gun Background Checks

Researchers concluded that new laws requiring background checks on every gun sale had little measurable effect, probably because citizens decided not to comply and there was a lack of enforcement by authorities. The study results are a setback for a gun control movement that has centered its national strategy on the kind of law enacted in the two states.

Eight in 10 Americans Back Gun Control After Vegas: Poll

An NPR/Ipsos survey finds that support for bans on assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines and “bump stocks” is rising, though Dems remain stronger on the issue than Republicans and independents. A pollster cautions that there have been similar reactions to other mass shootings–and the impact on public opinion may be temporary.

Lawsuit Filed Against ‘Bump Stock’ Maker After Vegas

Slide Fire Solutions, a Moran, Tx.,-based company that began selling a popular bump stock in 2010, is being sued by The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and a private law firm. Stephen Paddock, who showered bullets over a country music festival from a Las Vegas hotel room October 1, had at least two guns equipped with bump stocks to make them behave like machine guns.

Gun Control Advocate Cites ‘State-by-State Progress’

Gun control supporters are gaining, says Dan Gross, former president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. He mentions expanded background checks for guy buyers in several states and the failure of Congress to pass the “big prize” of allowing people with permits to carry guns in one state the right to do so nationwide.