Kavanaugh Could Swing High Court on Gun Issues

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination highlights a major difference between an earlier generation of legal conservatives, who emphasize judicial restraint, and today’s activist conservatives who say they are enforcing the original meaning of the Constitution and will use it to block liberal legislation from the states.

Settlement Allows Public Access to 3-D Gun Making

With a green light from the State Department, Cody Wilson of Austin, Tx., is inviting anyone who wants access to his code to create firearms using a 3-D printer to come and take it. The settlement with Wilson’s nonprofit, Defense Distributed, as well as the Second Amendment Foundation, was announced last week.

FBI Plans Expansion To Gun Background Check System

The National Data Exchange, or N-DEx, houses more than 400 million records, including incident and arrest reports and probation and parole documents. The FBI began exploring the possibility of using N-DEx in 2015, after an internal review found that Charleston, S.C., gunman Dylann Roof would have been blocked from legally acquiring his murder weapon had examiners been able to tap it.

MA 12th State With ‘Red Flag’ Law on Guns

A new Massachusetts law allows police, family members and dating partners to request that firearms be temporarily taken from people who appear to be at risk of harming themselves or others. Seven states have enacted such laws since the February mass shooting in Parkland, Fl.

Many Supposed Victims of Gun Thefts are Lying

Where guns are recovered in violent crimes, the shooter carries a gun that belongs to someone else eight out of 10 times. Just how often supposed theft victims knowingly pass guns to crooks is unknown. The feared trend is part of a booming rise in reported gun thefts in Kansas City.