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Will Ginsburg Replacement Yield Pro-Gun High Court?

Should President Donald Trump be able to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat this fall, the court’s new alignment could determine that future pro-gun cases clear the hurdle that has prevented other petitions from receiving a ruling.


Three Dozen Virginians Barred from Possesssing Guns Under ‘Red Flag’ Law

The law enacted in July allows a judge to issue a 14-day restriction on a person purchasing or possessing a firearm if there is “probable cause” to believe that person is a danger to themselves or others. Virginia is one of 19 states and the District of Columbia that have passed such laws.

NRA Insider Favors Gun Control, Assails LaPierre in Book

Joshua Powell, who was fired as the National Rifle Association’s former second-in-command, is calling for universal background checks and “red flag laws” in a new book assailing the organization as more focused on money and internal intrigue than the Second Amendment, while thwarting constructive dialogue on gun violence.

Handgun Purchaser Licensing Laws Lead to Fewer Deaths: Study

A new report published by the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research found the most effective gun violence reduction laws have been a combination of purchaser licensing laws coupled with traditional comprehensive background check requirements.


What Works to Prevent Gun Violence? A Journalism ‘Solutions’ Archive

Even as academics and legislators debate how to cure the U.S. epidemic of firearms shootings and homicides, some journalists have turned their attention toward community-based and policing solutions that have had impressive success. You can find them in the latest story collection of the Solutions Journalism Network .