White House Plans Crackdown on Gun Trafficking

To stem the rising tide of gun violence around the country, the Joe Biden administration is zeroing in on the “straw” buyers primarily responsible for illegal gun trafficking, and planning to toughen prosecutions.


Are Mandatory Prison Sentences for Illegal Firearm Possession Necessary?

A study published by Loyola University Chicago found that 72 percent of all arrests and convictions in Illinois for firearm-related offenses over the past decade have been for illegal firearm possession. Upon release from prison, only seven percent of people serving time for this offense were arrested for a violent crime involving a firearm within three years of their release. 


$600m Needed for Gun Violence Research: Report

To develop comprehensive data on gun violence, the federal government needs to drastically increase spending on research and data “infrastructure,” according to a joint report by Arnold Ventures and the Joyce Foundation.