Gun Rights Group Joins Abortion Providers to Fight Texas Ban

Spanning the “culture war” divide, the nonprofit gun rights group Firearms Policy Coalition is siding with abortion providers in the Texas dispute over the nation’s strictest abortion ban. The gun advocates worry the law could be used to limit other constitutional rights, in particular the Second Amendment

Congress to U.S. Military: Keep Track of Your Guns

In response to an Associated Press investigation that showed firearms stolen from U.S. bases have resurfaced in violent crimes, the Department of Defense is under pressure to develop a coherent strategy for improving how it accounts for military weapons and equipment. 

Second Amendment Backers Want San Diego Ban on Ghost Guns Reversed

U.S. District Judge Cynthia Bashant has been asked by several gun owners to issue a temporary restraining order blocking a novel ban on non-serialized, unfinished, untraceable firearms — known as ghost guns — signed into law by San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria law, which is set to go into effect Oct. 23.

GOP Stalls Red Flag Laws in Bid for Gun Rights Support

Momentum to pass red flag laws, which temporarily remove firearms from those who may be a harm to themselves or others, and are lauded by public health experts, law enforcement officials and gun safety advocates, has petered out around the country as midterm-focused Republicans are determined to galvanize their pro-gun base.