Despite Fears, VA Gun-Rights Rally Remains Peaceful

An estimated 22,000 activists, many dressed in tactical gear and camouflage and carrying military-style rifles, packed Richmond streets around the state Capitol to protest proposed gun-control measures by the state’s Democratic leadership. Police reported no violence and made only one arrest.

gun rally

Gun-Rights Activists Descending on Richmond

Several thousand activists — mostly white and male, many clothed in camouflage and waving flags with messages of support for President Donald Trump — appeared in Virginia’s capital city Monday to protest gun-control legislation pushed by the state’s Democratic leadership.

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3D-Printed ‘Ghost Gun’ Blueprints Could Soon Be Legal

The Trump administration has proposed transferring authority of some small arms and ammunition exports from the U.S. Department of State to the Commerce Department, a move that would relax regulations that have previously prevented the 3D-printed gun blueprints from being posted online.