NRA Reports 22% Drop in Membership Revenue

The National Rifle Association has begun claiming a membership of six million, up from “more than five million” in January 2016. Experts were unable to explain how the group could be drawing less revenue from more members charged higher prices.

Health Workers, Gun Industry Partner on Anti-Suicide Drive

Gun dealers, range owners and firearms instructors have found that suicide prevention fits into their mission to promote the safe use of guns. Hundreds around the U.S. share suicide-prevention literature, emphasize prevention techniques in concealed-carry classes, teach workers to recognize distress among customers and welcome prevention advocates to firearm trade shows.

Trump Panel Won’t Back Change in Gun-Sales Law

The school safety commission established by President Trump after the Parkland, Fl., high school shooting will not recommend new age restrictions for the purchase of firearms. The president briefly supported raising the minimum age to buy a firearm but then backtracked.

Gun Use in Self-Defense is Minimal, Study Says

The Violence Policy Center said a review of federal data showed said that in 2015 there were only 265 justifiable homicides involving a private citizen using a firearm reported to the FBI. That same year, there were 9,027 criminal firearm homicides around the nation.

Semi-Automatic Rifles Bring Higher Death Risk

Although 44 percent of people wounded in active shooter incidents died of their injuries, more people were wounded and killed in incidents where semiautomatic rifles were used compared with incidents involving other firearms, a newly published study says.