crime scene

Can We Lower Urban Violence Without Police?

The common response to violence has traditionally involved law enforcement. But researchers and activists are turning to new community-based programs and practices that remove law enforcement from the center of the anti-violence conversation entirely, a webinar hosted by the Council on Criminal Justice heard Thursday.

Mexican Cartels Exploit Pandemic to Boost ‘Leverage’

In Guadalajara, Mexico’s second-biggest city, Alejandrina Guzman, a daughter of jailed drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was among those seen by reporters handing out the packages stamped with her own company’s ‘El Chapo 701’ logo.

96 Charged in Long Island MS-13 Gang Roundup

Federal authorities attribute at least 28 murders to MS-13 on Long Island since 2016, some of them leading to enormous public outcry. The indictment brought by the Suffolk County, N.Y., district attorney after a two-year investigation took aim at the gang’s alleged leaders in the region.