Five Myths About MS-13

President Trump says MS-13 is a threat to communities all over the nation. MS-13 is not a large street gang. According to Justice Department data, it has some 10,000 members here — half the size of the Bloods and one-fifth the size of the 18th Street Gang (or Barrio 18), MS-13’s archenemy.


Few Gang Members are Undocumented Immigrants: Report

While President Trump condemns illegal immigrants who come into the US as “gang members” and “criminals,” statistics show that only 0.09 percent of illegal immigrant detainees come from Central American gangs, according to AP. Instead, it’s often people fleeing gangs who are trying to get into the United States.

How the Feds Are Trying to Stop Detroit Gang Wars

Federal prosecutors are piecing together a rare death penalty case against the Seven Mile Bloods, a notorious Detroit gang blamed for fueling the opioid epidemic and for assassinating rivals targeted on Instagram hit lists. A year-long investigation by Detroit News reporter Robert Snell examines the gang and the DOJ’s attempts to topple it.

CA Agrees to Put National Guard Troops on Border

California reached an agreement with the federal government that the state’s National Guard troops will deploy to the border to focus on fighting transnational gangs as well as drug and gun smugglers, Gov. Jerry Brown said. The announcement came after a week of uncertainty in which President Trump bashed the governor’s insistence that troops avoid immigration-related work.