How the Feds Are Trying to Stop Detroit Gang Wars

Federal prosecutors are piecing together a rare death penalty case against the Seven Mile Bloods, a notorious Detroit gang blamed for fueling the opioid epidemic and for assassinating rivals targeted on Instagram hit lists. A year-long investigation by Detroit News reporter Robert Snell examines the gang and the DOJ’s attempts to topple it.

CA Agrees to Put National Guard Troops on Border

California reached an agreement with the federal government that the state’s National Guard troops will deploy to the border to focus on fighting transnational gangs as well as drug and gun smugglers, Gov. Jerry Brown said. The announcement came after a week of uncertainty in which President Trump bashed the governor’s insistence that troops avoid immigration-related work.


Studying Gang Tweets Could Reduce Gun Violence, Researchers Say

A Columbia University study argues that examining aggressive tweets among gang members, particularly after a loss, could cut short the cycle of gang-revenge killings if grief counselors and other mental health services intervene in time.

Long Island School at Center of Battle Over MS-13

Brentwood High School in central Long Island is caught in the middle in the fight against the violent street gang MS-13. The mother of a student who was killed has sued the school for not protecting her; the American Civil Liberties Union says the school is wrongly labeling students as gang members.

Details Of U.S. Operation Against MS-13 Are Secret

Federal and state authorities have declined repeated requests for basic information made public in most law enforcement operations, such as the names of those arrested and the crimes they are accused of committing. Officials won’t divulge their ages, immigration statuses or whereabouts.

MS-13 Members Say Trump Focus Helps Them

In interviews with Insight Crime, gang members say President Trump’s attack on them has bolstered the gang’s image. MS-13 “will take advantage of this political capital when it is handed to it,” according to a comprehensive study of the group.