Why We Need a National Forensic Science Agency

American courtrooms are hampered by continued reliance on poorly validated and often “junk” forensic science. A new UK law creating a national regulator to set forensic standards might point the way for change, writes a British detective.


When Forensic Evidence Convicts the Innocent

The criminal justice system’s reliance on forensic evidence to determine guilt needs to be re-examined, panelists told a webinar hosted by the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School. One asserted that forensic evidence should stay out of the courtroom until it is proven reliable.


Probe of DC Crime Lab Could Upend District’s Criminal Justice Systems

Prosecutors say they are prepared to reexamine hundreds of open cases and convictions, if necessary, following a series of probes into the District’s crime lab, including an ongoing criminal investigation that centers on allegations that senior leaders concealed conflicting findings and pressured examiners to change results in a firearms case.