Is the ATF’s System to Warn Gun Dealers of Break-Ins Working?

An investigation by The Trace reveals most dealers located near a recent burglary did not recall being contacted under ATF’s recently established automated “fflAlert” system. The ATF says it is still modifying the system to “increase its effectiveness.”

How L.A. County Faced Its Tragic Problem with Sex-Trafficked Kids

Los Angeles police and social workers believed the young girls picked up as prostitutes could best be helped through the juvenile court system. Then they realized little would change until they went after the traffickers who had made L.A. County one of the top child sex-trafficking hubs in the U.S.

How Online Predators Outgun Police

Child porn offenders deploy an ever-evolving arsenal of tools, including encryption, peer-to-peer networks and the Dark Web, in a cross-border technological “arms race” that is outstripping law enforcement’s ability to track and catch them.

Stop Fixating on Drugs, Colombian President Tells U.S.

Colombian President Juan Santos, who met President Trump at the White House last week, says the U.S. needs to change its hardline drug policy to focus on harm-reduction and the wider illicit activities conducted by transnational crime syndicates.

Gault at 50: the Unfinished Business of Juvenile Justice

As the landmark Supreme Court ruling, “In re Gault,” marks its 50th anniversary this week, advocates reflect on how it transformed the juvenile justice system—and what remains to be done.

Saving Troubled Minds

Mental health courts can offer alternatives to prison for individuals caught in the criminal justice system. The story of one Texas young man shows what happens when they’re not available.