Who Owned That Gun? Many Police Agencies No Longer Check

During the 1980s, gun tracing was in vogue, but thanks to changes in federal funding and regulations, many police agencies around the U.S. no longer bother. That can have deadly consequences, a newspaper investigation in South Carolina showed.


Young, Black and Charged as Adults

African-American teens in Pennsylvania’s second-most populous county were 20 times more likely than their white peers to be arrested and charged as adults in 2016 and 2017, according to a newspaper investigation.

Long-Buried NJ Police Reports Reveal Racial Bias in Use of Force

New Jersey cops were ordered by state officials almost two decades ago to document all incidents when police used force. A team of reporters built a database after locating the reports and found what they called a “monument to failure.”

women's prison

#MeToo Behind Bars: Do the Feds Ignore Prison Sexual Assaults?

Under the Prison Rape Elimination Act, federal investigators must conduct audits of prison facilities to monitor compliance with standards aimed at eliminating sexual abuse. But an investigation by WitnessLA suggests the audits leave a lot to be desired.

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A Prisoners’ Pen Pal Finds Making Connections is a ‘Beautiful Thing’

For four decades, a Syracuse, N.Y. woman has been writing letters to death row inmates and other prisoners, enriching their lives and hers. But things got a little more personal when she began writing to someone who was a student at an elementary school where she once worked.