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How One Pennsylvania City Brought Down Gun Crime

At a time when Philadelphia and other large urban centers are seeing a surge in homicides and fatal shootings, homicides in the city of Chester, Pa., are down 63 percent this year, and fatal shootings are down 43 percent. What’s Chester doing right?


How a Case of Mistaken Identity Led to a Life Term for Murder

Thomas Raynard James is serving a life sentence in a Florida prison for a murder he says was committed by someone who happened to have the same name as his. Thirty years later, a GQ journalist found the man who may be the real killer. “The police,” he acknowledged, “were looking for me.”

The Zen of Prison Gardening

Amid rows of snap peas and summer squash, incarcerated gardeners in Oregon cultivate job skills, inner peace―and fresh produce for the prison cafeteria―in Lettuce Grow, a program that now serves 200 individuals a year. 

Can CAHOOTS Blaze a Path to Police Reform?

Even before police “defunding” became a slogan, a number of cities were working on strategies that replace some policing functions with civilian personnel. Widespread coverage of one such program, called CAHOOTS, is an example of how the media can make a contribution to a debate that is fogged by partisan rhetoric, writes journalist Mark Obbie.

Earning Freedom: A Tale of Redemption Behind Bars

Corey Glassman, sentenced to life in prison for his part in a 1986 fatal stabbing while he was a teenager, nearly lost hope of seeing freedom. But as society began to rethink life without prison for juveniles, Glassman realized that he would have to earn the right to restart his life.


New York Scores ‘F’ in COVID Testing of Rural Justice-Involved Youth

Just 26 tests were conducted in suburban and rural juvenile detention facilities during the first six months of the pandemic—a statistic nearly buried because of the state’s lack of transparency, according to an investigation by The Imprint. A health expert called it “a heartbreaking example of children who get lost in systems.”