How America’s Drug Problem Overwhelms Rural Jails

In Wisconsin’s Washburn County, local authorities are developing diversion and counseling programs to cope with a 60 percent increase in jail inmates in the past eight years. But they admit it’s an uphill struggle.

juvenile justice

Racial Gap in Juvenile Arrests Continues to Grow, Despite Reforms

A recent report found that 43 percent of boys and 34 percent of girls in juvenile facilities are African American, although blacks make up just 14 percent of all youths under 18 in the U.S. In California, lawmakers and youth advocates are working to address the disparities with diversion programs, rehabilitative care and legislative policy changes.

jail deaths

Deaths Behind Bars Spur Concerns Across the U.S.

While the majority of deaths in state prisons are the result of natural causes among an aging prison population, there have been significant rises in mortality rates due to suicides, homicides, accidents, drug and alcohol-related events, and untreated medical issues, a Guardian investigation found.


America’s Drug Problem Hits Home for North Carolina’s Cherokee Tribe

An eight-county region in Western North Carolina saw 17.7 unintentional overdose deaths per 100,000 people between 2012 and 2016. The epicenter is the Qualla Boundary, historic home of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, where residents have launched a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers.