Teen Arrests Fall Sharply in New York: Is ‘Raise the Age’ Responsible?

The number of 16-year-olds arrested in New York for nonviolent or violent felonies dropped 25 percent in the first six months of 2019, according to data obtained by The Chronicle of Social Change. Some sources credit “changes in police response and youth behavior”; others point to last year’s overhaul of the state’s juvenile justice system. 


More Than Half of Michigan Juvenile Lifers ‘Still Await Resentencing’

The 2016 Supreme Court decision to make its previous ban on mandatory life terms for juveniles retroactive has been applied inconsistently across the U.S.  One Pennsylvania county is expected to complete all of its cases this summer; but in Michigan, some 200 inmates are still waiting to go before a judge, according to a Detroit Free Press investigation.

‘Cultural Healing’ and the Search for Justice in Tribal Lands

For justice-involved members of the Chippewa nation in northern Minnesota, the judicial system has failed to tackle the “historical traumas” that have mired them in substance abuse and other ills. But tribal and state authorities are collaborating on a plan to apply traditional tribal notions of restorative justice to their needs.


Out of Adult Jail, But Still Far From Home

 Raise the Age laws bar judges from sending youth defendants to adult detention facilities. But the New York State law passed in 2018 has had some unintended consequences for young people.

Can American Police Close the Gender Gap?

As police around the country struggle to recruit women, some states are doing worse than others. In New Jersey, a tough new fitness standard has almost tripled the rate of women failing police academy physical tests, according to a newspaper investigation.


Minnesota Goes ‘Outside the Box’ to Address Opioid Crisis 

With the death toll from opioid overdoses growing in northern Minnesota, officials have concluded they can’t arrest their way out of the problem. Jess McCarthy of Duluth’s police department is among those who have launched promising alternatives.