Steven Cave

A Returning Prisoner’s Story: ‘Hate Consumed Me’

Steven Cave emerged from 23 years in prison following a life of abuse, homelessness and gang violence to start a path towards normalcy.  He credits the intervention of a couple who began visiting him behind bars—as part of a trauma-counseling program that might work for other inmates as well.

prison wire

‘I Feel Like a Dead Man Walking’

There is no national legal standard on how many years is too many for a juvenile to serve. Across the country, juvenile offenders are being released from prison based on recognition that human brains continue to develop for the first two and a half decades of life. That’s not the case in Illinois, write two reporters who investigated 11 cases of youths serving sentences of 50 years or longer.

Charles Rivers

‘The Day I Came Out of the Shadows’

Former parolees in a Syracuse, N.Y. pilot program lead efforts to help individuals returning from prison adjust to civilian society and reunite with their families. It’s an uphill task that often starts with finding a place to live.

drug dealers

Will Getting Tough on Dealers Curb the Opioid Crisis?

A number of prosecutors, apparently backed by President Trump and his attorney general, think the death penalty should be among the punishments for dealers found to have caused opioid deaths. Public health experts aren’t so sure.