Canal Street

Jailed 80 Days, Homeless Man Sparks Furor Over New Orleans Bail Practices

Both the prosecutor and defender advised pretrial release of Matthew Aldous, who was caught writing  graffiti in the city’s historic district.  But a judge set his bail at $10,000, effectively placing behind bars an individual who advocates said should have been diverted to mental health services.

alabama lynching

Lynched: An Alabama County Confronts the Horrors of Its Past

A report prepared by Birmingham university students documents the lynchings of 30 African Americans between 1883-1940 in an effort to spark a dialogue about racial injustice. After preparing the report, one student said, the past ‘doesn’t feel distant at all.”


Death, Driving and Texting: Is Apple Liable?

So far the tech giant Apple has swatted away lawsuits linked to fatalities caused by texting drivers. But as U.S. distracted driving-related deaths climbed past 3,000 in 2017, experts say it may take just one judge to change the story.