The Newest Police Crimefighting Tool: Podcasts

True-crime podcasts have been hosted mostly by investigative journalists, comedians and other media personalities. But after California police used one to track down a runaway suspected killer in Mexico, other law enforcement agencies have embraced the medium as a more effective tool for solving cold cases than “Wanted” posters.

dallas police car

Should Cops and Mental Health Caregivers Work Together?

Dallas has reduced hospitalization and incarceration with a program that sends social workers and clinicians along with police to answer mental health-related 911 calls. But some critics say the presence of police sends the wrong message.

salinas town

Stopping Gun Violence, One Youth at a Time

A California farm town fights youth violence aided by a police-community outreach program that gives violent young men “a legitimate opportunity to participate in society in a meaningful way,” in the words of the local police chief.

Can Peer Pressure Break Cycles of Violence?

Grassroots violence intervention programs like Seattle’s Community Passageways offer counselling and mediation to young men at the center of the nation’s rise in homicides. “We’re saving people,” says neighborhood volunteer DeShaun Nabors.