Earning Freedom: A Tale of Redemption Behind Bars

Corey Glassman, sentenced to life in prison for his part in a 1986 fatal stabbing while he was a teenager, nearly lost hope of seeing freedom. But as society began to rethink life without prison for juveniles, Glassman realized that he would have to earn the right to restart his life.


New York Scores ‘F’ in COVID Testing of Rural Justice-Involved Youth

Just 26 tests were conducted in suburban and rural juvenile detention facilities during the first six months of the pandemic—a statistic nearly buried because of the state’s lack of transparency, according to an investigation by The Imprint. A health expert called it “a heartbreaking example of children who get lost in systems.”


Racism Blocked My Appointment as Chief, Charges St. Louis Cop

Veteran St. Louis Officer Lt. Col. Troy Doyle was the favored candidate to become the city’s first Black police chief, but the county’s Board of Police Commissioners picked a white officer. Now Doyle has launched a lawsuit claiming the decision was influenced by corporate donors opposed to appointing an African American.

drug treatment

California Eyes Mandatory Treatment for Drug Offenders

A state bill introduced last month would establish a pilot program in one California county to require convicted substance abusers to enter “secured residential treatment facilities.” Reformers say it amounts to another form of punishment that doesn’t deal with the root causes of addiction, and cite studies showing it could lead to more opioid-related deaths.


Who Should Investigate Police Sexual Misconduct?

New York’s Civilian Complaint Review Board is weighing a proposal that would give it the power to probe sexual misconduct complaints against police ranging from verbal harassment to rape. Police unions counter that such complaints should be investigated internally by “trained, experienced” officials.