Who Should Investigate Police Sexual Misconduct?

New York’s Civilian Complaint Review Board is weighing a proposal that would give it the power to probe sexual misconduct complaints against police ranging from verbal harassment to rape. Police unions counter that such complaints should be investigated internally by “trained, experienced” officials.

halfway home

‘The Missing Link Between Jail, Rehab and Home’

Efforts to shut down three homes for women in recovery in one Utah city highlight the challenges facing the formerly incarcerated as they struggle to resume normal life. “It’s hard for people who’ve never dealt with addiction to understand,” says Susan Berry, who moved into one of the homes following her recent release from prison.

boston police

Massachusetts Police Reformers Warned Donations Will Dry Up

State politicians who supported police reform and accountability measures could see future donations from law enforcement disappear. “We’re going to remember who was with us and we’re going to remember who wasn’t,” said Tom Daly, executive vice president of the New England Police Benevolent Association.

Marilyn Thompson

The Challenge of Being Black, Female—and a Cop

In a career spanning over 30 years in law enforcement, Marilyn Thompson has had to negotiate the complicated dynamic of being a Black woman among mostly white male colleagues. She believes policing would be more compassionate — and effective — if police departments reflected their communities.

juvenile justice

Kids Sent to Adult Court Despite New York’s Raise-the-Age Law

Fears of rising crime are persuading New York judges to transfer teens accused of violent offenses to adult courts. Advocates warn the practice undermines the point of legislation that aims to divert 16- and 17-year-olds from the criminal justice system and into programs that can address their underlying behavior.


Pennsylvania Jail Tells Inmates: Stop Ordering Books

The Allegheny County Jail says its ban on print books from the outside, announced this week, was adopted for “security” reasons. Inmates will have to read new books on electronic tablets, but there are only 263 books, including 49 religious titles, available in the facility’s digital library.


Can Social Workers Replace Cops? One Experiment, From All Angles

Long before this year’s protests over police mishandling of mental health crisis calls, journalists began to examine CAHOOTS, a program in Eugene, Ore., that used community-based services as first responders in place of cops. You can read some of the most compelling accounts in the latest collection of stories about crime-reduction strategies archived by the Solutions Journalism Network.