DOJ Seeks Missing FBI Officials’ Text Messages

Attorney General Jeff Sessions acknowledged that the FBI’s information system failed to preserve five months of text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, two bureau officials who disparaged candidate Donald Trump in 2016. Meanwhile, Sessions was interviewed by Robert Mueller’s investigators.


Criminologists Ask DOJ to Fill Gaps In FBI Data

Leaders of the two major U.S. criminology organizations asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI director Christoper Wray to “immediately revise” the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report to restore 52 tables of data that were not published this year, with little explanation.

Trump Blasts FBI, Holder Defends the Bureau

As the FBI’s Russia investigation draws closer to him, President Trump called the FBI a biased institution whose reputation for fairness was “in tatters,” Former Attorney General Eric Holder responded, “You’ll find integrity and honesty at FBI headquarters and not at 1600 Penn Ave right now.”