‘Bottom Fell Out’ of Environmental Prosecutions During Trump Era: Report

In just the first two years of the Trump administration, there was a 70 percent decrease in Clean Water Act prosecutions and a more than 50 percent decrease in Clean Air Act prosecutions, according to a University of Michigan Law School study. The study said Americans are less safe and the environment is “less protected” as a result.


Does Violence Again Threaten California’s Northern Wildlands?

During the so-called “Redwood Summer” of 1990, a conflict between anti-logging groups and timber companies was marred by violence. Nearly three decades later, even as the state’s pristine forests are threatened by fire, a new environmental battle looms—but this time privately contracted security forces are involved.


Who’s Enforcing Our Environmental Laws?

The short answer, writes an environmental attorney, is no one. The White House proposal to cut the EPA’s budget by 31 percent next year has fueled calls for states and private agencies to take on the burden of policing polluters—which he argues will have only limited impact.

Is Legal Pot the Newest ‘Green’ Crop?

Regulating marijuana the same way as other crops encourages stricter compliance with laws governing wetland conversion, air and water pollution and land use, according to a University of Buffalo study.