Opioid Package On Way to Trump After Lobbying

The pharmaceutical industry was pushing for language into the popular opioids’ package that would ease how much it owed in covering some Medicare drug costs. A a concerted effort by patient-advocate groups successfully blocked the last-minute add that would have given drug companies a $4 billion windfall.

Meth Problem Rises in Oklahoma, Street Prices Drop

As it became more difficult and dangerous to produce meth in the U.S., Mexican cartels recognized an opportunity to fill the void. “They came in with much purer, much cheaper meth and just flooded this region of the country,” says the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Richard Salter.


Fentanyl and the Death Penalty

Even as law enforcement tries to reduce the number of deaths attributed to the super-opioid fentanyl, some states are trying to increase them through their use for capital punishment. But it raises the same Constitutional questions posed by other methods of state execution regarding “cruel and unusual punishment,” says TCR’s columnist on drug issues.

CA Chiefs Warn Against Home Pot Deliveries

As California considers a proposal to allow marijuana businesses to send home-delivery vans into places where retail stores are prohibited, police chiefs are preparing for the worst. “This will make it easier and more lucrative to rob a delivery person than a liquor store,” said David Swing, president of the California Police Chiefs Association.