States Rethink Opioid Response To Cut Foster Care

Many states have seen a surge in the number of children entering foster care systems, an increase tied to the prevalence of opioids. In the past, states considered substance abuse a form of neglect, requiring removal of children from dangerous homes. Now, some states are creating programs aimed at keeping children with their parents during treatment.

marijuana protest

Pot Opponents, Legalization and Democracy

On June 19, marijuana officially became legal in Canada─adding momentum to a pro-pot campaign that now seems assured of success across the US. But last-ditch blocking efforts in states still wrestling with the issue only divert politicians from the need to develop regulations addressing safety and health concerns, writes an addiction expert.


The ‘Phony War’ Against Opioids: Some Inconvenient Truths

The opioid crisis has very little to do with prescription drugs, says a leading researcher.   Patients treated for chronic pain with opioids–many of them elderly—are not dying from overdoses, and they shouldn’t be treated like addicts.

Latest Acting DEA Head to Leave Agency

Robert Patterson, acting head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, announced he is retiring, saying that running the agency as a temporary fill-in had become “increasingly challenging.” He replaced another acting administrator, Chuck Rosenberg.