Sessions Pot Policy Called Symbolic, States Defiant

In eight states, marijuana is both legal and illegal. Patrick Moen, a former federal drug agent now with Privateer Holdings, which invests in the cannabis industry, said Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ move rescinding Obama-era policies is largely symbolic, noting that the Justice Department did not send out a directive to crack down on the drug.

How Increasing Drug Treatment Could Lower Crime

Brookings Institution researchers found that an increase in the number of substance abuse treatment facilities in communities causes a reduction in both violent and financially-motivated crime. The authors estimate that each additional treatment facility in a county reduces the social costs of crime in that county by $4.2 million per year.

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Opioids: Chasing the Wrong ‘Epidemic’

Chronic pain patients—and the doctors who prescribe for them— are being turned into scapegoats for the opioid crisis, writes a patient advocate.