NJ Pot Debate Combines Legalization, Expungement

As lawmakers near approval of a marijuana legalization bill, they are weighing a companion measure that would clear the criminal records of many people with drug offenses. Ten other states have decriminalized recreational marijuana, but none has addressed historic inequities in drug sentencing in tandem with legalization.

Is Drug Death Threat Shifting to Fentanyl?

Some 95 percent of the overdose deaths in the St. Louis area involve synthetic fentanyl. In Madison County, IL., which has surpassed its previous record of opioid deaths, one coroner said, “When we go to a death scene and you still see the needle in the arm, we know it was fentanyl because it works that quick.”


Do We Need Roadside Marijuana Tests?

As the number of states allowing recreational or medical use of marijuana grows, law enforcement is gearing up for the challenge of detecting drivers who may be a danger to themselves or others. But it’s impossible to set an accepted standard for measuring impairment, argues a TCR columnist.