Pandemic Helps Put Pot Sales on Rocky Mountain High

Recreational sales of marijuana products in Colorado’s state-licensed shops have broken sales records two months in a row. Analysts say the state’s industry, legalized in 2014, is showing signs of business maturity – and no lack of demand for the product, particularly during the pandemic.

Party Drug GHB Makes a Comeback In Online Sales

After a rash of overdoses in the 1990s prompted a federal ban, emergency rooms that had seen thousands of cases involving the popular nightclub drug GHB suddenly saw the problem disappear. But now it’s back in multiple chemical forms, with sales powered by the internet.


Opioid Lawsuits Revived as Some Courts Reopen

While giant drug firms like Purdue Pharma position themselves as “key players” in the fight against COVID-19, they’re quietly fighting a “renewed wave” of opioid lawsuits. Meanwhile, opioid deaths have skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Will Legalizing Pot Cause More Traffic Deaths?

A recent JAMA study found that if every state were to legalize recreational marijuana use, there would be 6,800 more traffic fatalities each year. The authors, who acknowledge that there may be other factors involved, join others in demonstrating that marijuana legalization may decrease road safety.

Why Justice Still Eludes Crack Offenders

The First Step Act, passed in 2018, was intended to remedy the disproportional racial impact of America’s drug laws with sentencing reductions for nonviolent crack offenses. But many circuit judges have ignored Congress’ intent, making them “complicit in a decades-old mass incarceration scheme,” writes a legal scholar from Wesleyan University.